Ztylus M6 Revolver 6-in-1 Camera Lens Kit REVIEW

I’ve had the fortunate experience of using many different types of iPhone accessories. Some of my favorites end up being camera-related because my phone is always with me. I like having different types of lenses available and iPhone camera accessories give me that option. One thing that I’ve never really liked is the method in which those lenses attach to the phone. They either clip on or snap on and you still have the problem of switching lenses when you need to get a different type of shot. Ztylus Innovation, a mobile phone accessory company, has designed an iPhone lens attachment that solves this problem — the Revolver M Series Lens Kit.


The Revolver M Series Lens Kit for iPhone X is a 6-in-1 lens system that attaches magnetically to your phone with the use of a case. The case comes in several different color options — including the Carbon Fiber finish that I have. It’s water resistant, easy to clean, and durable. The Revolver Kit features dual optics, a quick flip lens design, and there is no lens cap required. Installation is as easy as snapping the Revolver Kit onto the case. The M6 Revolver Kit is a featured CES Innovation award-winner for 2016 and 2018.

  • Wide Angle
  • Macro
  • Super Macro
  • Telephoto X2


The M6 Revolver Kit has very minimal packaging. It comes in a zippered pouch silver bag with the product information affixed to the front of the package. Inside the package — along with the case and the Revolver Kit — is a short catalog of Ztylus’s products and a warranty card. The case and the lens kit are not covered with plastic or other protective packaging material. The case has a rubbery feel and is quite pliable. It’s easy to slide the phone into the case and once it’s inside, the phone feels protected.


The Ztylus M6 Revolver 6-in-1 Camera Lens Kit is a very cost-effective way to have a full set of lenses ready to go with your iPhone X. In my opinion, this is a much easier design to work with than clip-on lenses. You can take some really great photos with the aid of this lens kit. The only real complaint I have is that due to the metal plate, you can’t use the case with a wireless charger.


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