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An accessory that should be in every camera bag.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve discovered that accessories are just as important as the camera they work with when it comes to photography and videography. In 2016, I decided to beef up my camera rig for shooting on-location video and I realized that I needed a shoe mount that would accommodate more than one accessory. I invested in a triple mount bracket that has served me well. The only issue with it is that it’s a bit awkward in its shape. I have used other multi-accessory brackets that are straight pieces and they all just seem to get in the way. You can imagine my excitement when I came across the C Bracket Shoe Mount from Ziv.

This one-of-a-kind mount makes it possible for you to add a light, microphone, monitor, or other accessories to a mirrorless camera or DSLR. As the name suggests, the bracket is shaped like a “C” and it is designed to wrap around the lens of a camera so that your accessories really become an extension of the camera rig instead of an annoyance. The bracket attaches with a ¼"-20 camera screw and includes two position-adjusted cold shoe mounts. It will work with most DSLRs, compact camcorders, and mirrorless cameras. The Ziv mount can be operated from the right or left-hand side.

So, how does it work? Well, the bracket attaches to the bottom of the camera via the ¼"-20 screw (included). You then have the option of attaching the entire rig to a tripod or monopod because there is a ¼"-20 screw hole in the bottom of the thumbscrew that is used to secure the mount to the camera. There are two cold shoe mounts that can be positioned anywhere on the arm. This makes it very easy to place your accessories where you need them for your shots. One of the coolest things about this shoe mount is that it’s just a ‘shoe’ mount and it doesn’t take up the hot shoe mount on the camera itself.

The Ziv Dual Shoe C Bracket is a remarkable accessory that I think should be in every camera bag. I tried it with two different sizes of DSLR — a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 70D — and it worked perfectly with both. I found it very interesting that you can swivel the arm to either side of the camera body or move it so that it’s sitting directly next to the lens. I tried it several different ways and found that it wasn’t hindering camera operation at all. In doing some research I came across a review that stated this bracket was “too small to work with anything but a small point and shoot camera.” Given the fact that I tried it out with a full frame camera holding a 24–70mm lens, I would say that their opinion is a little flawed. Their review didn’t say what camera they tried to use it with, but I can say that I didn’t have any issues with the bracket at all.


  • “C”-shaped bracket arm
  • Can be operated from the right or left side of the camera
  • Suitable for most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and compact camcorders
  • Two position-adjustable cold shoe mounts
  • Camera platform with rubberized texture
  • 1/4″-20 camera screw
  • Dual-purpose thumb screws with 1/4″-20 threaded holes for tripod mounting
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 5.7 x 0.95″ (16 x 14 x 2 cm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (119 g)

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Originally published at on August 2, 2019.

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