Yoink for iPad and iPhone REVIEW | MacSources

3 min readSep 28, 2021

A functional, clipboard utility app that is available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

As a content creator, I am on a constant search for resources. I will grab information from lots of different sources and I end up using a text document to save items I clip from websites until I need to use it for an article. There is a better way to collect resources though and it’s called Yoink. Yoink allows users to quickly store items through drag/drop, copying, sharing, or downloading for later use. The purpose of this app is to provide users with a central location to store collected items without having to move between several applications. Yoink has been available on macOS for quite some time, but it was just recently released on iOS and iPadOS. The iPad offers Slide-Over or Side-by-Side functionality for the app while the iPhone version utilizes the Share extension.

Key Features

  • iCloud Sync: Synchronize Yoink’s items across your devices using iCloud
  • Handoff: Transfer files between iPhones, iPads and Macs (separate Mac Yoink app required) using Handoff
  • Action/Share Extension: Almost any item you can share via the system-wide Share sheet, you can send directly to Yoink from there
  • Keyboard: Yoink has its own keyboard so that inserting items you’ve stored in Yoink is easy and quick, without having to launch Yoink.
  • Spotlight Integration: Any item in Yoink can be found via Spotlight — and the search-results are draggable.
  • Today Widget: Access Yoink’s items and save the contents from your clipboard in Yoink from Notification Center
  • Shortcuts/Siri Suggestions: Yoink offers you Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions so you can automate processes, like adding items from the clipboard to Yoink, or copying items from Yoink, as well as starting downloads in Yoink.
  • Files Integration: Access Yoink’s files from any app that supports iOS 11’s document browser

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