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5 min readMay 1

Xreart makes unique artwork from deconstructed Apple products.

In recent years, there has been an ever-growing trend of artwork featuring deconstructed Apple products. These pieces often feature the iconic logo and silhouette of Apple devices like iPhones, laptops, and iPads taken apart to expose the intricate components underneath. This type of artwork is a unique and interesting way to bring a bit of tech into your home. For people who appreciate the beauty in both high-tech gadgets and traditional artwork, this combination provides a perfect balance. Having artwork featuring deconstructed Apple products not only looks cool and modern, but it can also be meaningful in other ways.

Last year, I was introduced to this type of artwork in the form of a frame that featured a deconstructed iPhone. This artwork now hangs in my fiancé’s office and I knew that if I had the opportunity to install one for my workspace that I would choose the Apple Watch. Xreart made this possible.

About Xreart

Xreart is a photography studio that was established in 2019 that focuses on product photography. Xreart does a tear-down of classic electronic devices and frames them as artwork. Some of the pieces they create include iPhones, Game Boy, XBOX, Switch, PSP, and the Apple Watch. These ‘frames’ are then defined as artwork and are suitable as collectables and room decorations. They also make great gifts.

Xreart makes their frames available in two different types of wood — European Beech and Walnut. Both are more durable and scratch-resistant than other product deconstruction art pieces. They also use high-quality tempered glass as opposed to acrylic panels. This not only ensures a sophisticated look as well as a light transmission rate of 92.5%.

The Xreart frames have a specially designed back clasp to prevent the bottom lock of the frames from popping off and scratching the frames during transportation. In addition to the premade pieces, Xreart also offers DIY kits for customers to assemble their…


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