X801 Gaming Mouse REVIEW | MacSources

8 min readMar 15, 2021

Visually appealing, inexpensive, rechargeable, Wireless Optical Mouse.

When selecting the proper gaming mouse, one typically trials several varieties before selecting “the one.” When a split-second, fraction-of-a-second difference means the difference between a “W” or an “L,” it makes sense that a proper mouse is a key piece of needed tech. Interestingly, some have different brands of mouse for different games. Several of the best-in-show have lightweight frames with rubberized coatings/grips, proper/ergonomic button placement, adjustable button mapping features with software interfaces, and side toggles, to name just a few. From DPI, to optical vs. laser vs. manual, palm grip vs. claw grip vs. fingertip grip, interface wireless vs. wired, to weight, one must consider several factors before picking up a mouse. Unfortunately, some of those features are not readily apparent in the packaging or included marketing materials. Thus, trial and error and word-of-mouth reviews can help a gamer out.

When I received the GAmE Gaming Mouse, I was truly excited to test it out, The product arrived in a 3 3/8 inches wide by 5 7/16 inches tall by 1 13/16 inches thick retail package. The main cover provided the “GAME” name along the top left, beautifully using the white background color as a negative space font. The company emphasized the “G A E” letters over the “m” and created a neat Asian-themed flare. The same red colored overlay was found along the bottom section of the cover panel. Within the section, you will find the generic “GAMING MOUSE” name and “ERGONOMIC DESIGN COMFORTABLE FELL.” Unfortunately, the designers did not run a spell check before printing, as the section was supposed to read “COMFORTABLE FEEL” and not “FELL.” Despite the mistake, the cover’s main focal point was the 3 1/2 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide black mouse with its hexagonal multi-colored surface. The red-colored top panel displayed the same GAmE icon as the top left of the cover panel. The right side panel listed five mouse features (Ergonomic Design, One-Click Desktop, Optical Tracking, Multiple DPI Adjustable, Comfort Wheel). In contrast, the bottom and left side panels provided the same information as the bottom panel of the cover. Unfortunately, each of the panels propagated the same “FELL” mistake as the cover. I was…


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