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4 min readAug 28, 2019

X-Doria Defense Wireless Charger


A premium wireless charger with added functionality

I love to watch streaming videos on my phone. Sometimes I prefer to do that rather than listen to music. The only problem is that entertainment activities tend to drain my battery quickly. By dinner time most evenings, I’m having to grab a power bank or wall adapter to charge my phone. I’m a power user and my battery usage shows it. I was thrilled when Apple announced the availability of wireless charging in their iPhone product line. What I wasn’t thrilled about was the fact that I couldn’t keep my favorite case on the phone while charging. This has led me to use a more traditional methods of charging my phone. Since I haven’t found a wireless charger that suits my needs, I thought giving X-Doria’s Defense Wireless Charger a try would be worth it.


The wireless charger stands vertically but allows for vertical or horizontal charging. There is an LED on the front of the charger that indicates whether the device is charging, fully charged, or if there is an unknown object detected. The charging stand is compatible with all Qi capable devices and provides up to 10W of power delivery — the fastest possible wireless charge. A charging cable and power supply are both included with the charging stand. The frame is made from machined aluminum and features a dual coil design. It is suggested that you only use the provided power adapter for charging.


  • 10W Qi Wireless Charger
  • 4FT USB-C Cable
  • Power Adapter


I’ve been impressed with X-Doria products for a while now, but my experience with them has been limited to their phone cases. They make a quality product and I didn’t doubt that this wireless charger would be anything other than premium-grade quality. The box is a typical X-Doria box with an image of the product featured on the front and back. Some of the basic details are outlined on the back of the box in English and French.

Set-up of the wireless charger is simple. You just take it out of the box, connect the USB-C cable to the stand and the power adapter, and then plug the power adapter into a wall outlet. Once you have power moving to the charger, you can drop your phone onto it. Right away the LED will show whether or not the detected device is compatible for charging. I dropped a Sony Xperia 10 onto the charger and the LED immediately started blinking red, which let me know that the Xperia was considered an ‘unknown object.’

When I am testing out a power bank or charger of any kind, I always do some sort of charging speed test. I plug — in or place the device onto a wireless charger and time how long it takes to charge the device. In 54 minutes, I gained 27% battery life. That averages out to 0.5% per minute. That is actually in line with what I’ve seen other wireless chargers be able to do. Some of the high-efficiency chargers can achieve speeds of up to 0.61% battery life per minute. With that in mind, the Defense Wireless Charger is a very capable option for wireless charging, but there are faster options out there.

Because I like watching videos on my phone I was really excited to learn that this stand is capable of charging while the phone is in landscape mode. And it did work! I didn’t have to flub around with getting the phone into the exact right spot. I just set it on the stand and the phone started charging. For a moment I thought it might actually charge my phone through its case complete with a pop socket, but after a few seconds, the stand’s LED starts flashing red because it doesn’t recognize the phone through the case.


X-Doria has designed a very nice wireless charging stand. I was surprised how well it worked and how easy it was the charge my phone vertically or horizontally. At the time of this review the stand is $59.99 from X-Doria. That price is in line with other wireless chargers I’ve seen that feature 10W of charging power. I love the look of the Defense Wireless Charger and really enjoy how functional it is, too.

For more information, visit xdorialife.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

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