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5 min readOct 8, 2019

x-doria Defense Tactical iPhone 11 Pro Max Case


Lightweight, Functional, Attractive and Protective, what more could you ask for in a phone case?

Each September, I patiently await the release of the latest and greatest of the Apple devices. This year, as the iPhone 11 Pro Max was introduced, I excitedly looked for a case to protect my new midnight-green smartphone. Knowing the quality of x-doria cases, I was excited when the x-doria DEFENSE TACTICAL case arrived. The product was shipped in a classy 4 5/16 inches wide by 7 3/8 inches tall by 5/8 inches thick retail package. The cover provided the “DEFENSE” name along the top left, “TACTICAL” along the bottom left, “10 FT DROP Tested 3 Meter Military Grade” along the top right, and an oblique 2 3/8 inches wide by 5 1/4 inches tall raised/glossy image of the case.

More than a still shot, the company captured the gut-wrenching moment of the phone dropping onto the lower corner. I loved the appearance of the dust raising as the phone hit the surface because it truly captured the point of impact. The black-colored right-side panel had the “Tactical” name along the top, and the black/silver V-shaped left panel displayed “Defense.” I appreciated that the company chose to leave some free space upon each of the side panels instead of filling them with extraneous information/imagery. The back white/black panel displayed “DEFENSE” and “TACTICAL” along the top, the same hexagonal drop rating image, as the cover, along the bottom, legal/warning information about the case and a 3 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall front/back image of the case. Similar to the cover, the glossy, raised image proved to be a tactile and visual treat. I loved the colors of the packaging and the imagery, the carry hook across the top, and the overall feel of the device.

I lifted the front flap and was pleased to see additional information about the case upon the inner surface. Below the inner flap, the 1.8 ounce aluminum alloy reinforced case was clearly visible beneath a clear window. Additionally, x-doria provided a small touch window, to understand the product that would carry your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The inner flap further provided a pictorial and quad-lingual description of four of the main features of the phone case: Tested to Survive 10' Drops Onto Concrete, Acoustic Chanel Directs Speaker Forward, Military-Grade Machined Metal Protective Case, Wireless Charging Compatible. I slit the tape along the bottom of the packaging and slid the inner black tray out of the main packaging. I was immediately impressed with the feel of the case and with the color pattern. The 3 1/4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick grey case starkly contrasted against the black tray. The back panel had an outer grey rubberized coating, a 5/16 inches wide aluminum-metallic layer and an inner slightly raised hexagon-shaped, grey-rubberized surface. Along the top left of the panel, you will find a 1 1/16 inches wide by 1 1/8 inches tall camera cutout, with raised protective borders.

The lower grey panel had a 1/2 inches long by 1/4 inches wide lightning cutout, a lower 3/8 inches long by 1/8 inches thick speaker cutout, and six 1/16 inches square forward-facing speaker cutout. The right side panel had a 9/16 inches long by 1/4 inches wide volume toggle cutout, two rubberized buttons for the volume up/down and “DEFENSE” etched into the surface. Each of these buttons had a small raised grey dot, which enhanced the click-feel of the buttons. This same feature was repeated on the left side panel of the phone case and improved the ability to turn the phone on/off. Along the bottom of the left panel, you will find x-doria etched into the surface. The case had a refreshing grippy/sticky feel without feeling tacky or wet. The edge panels had a few extra features to discuss. First, the edges extended beyond the surface of the screen, adding an extra layer of glancing protection for the screen. Second, each of the corners was slightly raised and added an extra layer of protection. Gripping the phone with a C-Grip, I allowed the phone to slide downward. The phone motion stopped thanks to the raised surface and decreased the chances of the phone sliding out of my grip.

Throughout the testing process, I only had a single stumble. While putting my iPhone 11 Pro Max into my Night-ize holster, I missed the edge and the phone fell about two feet onto an end table. The phone bounced off of the lower corner once, then the bottom panel and then fell squarely onto the screen. I was reassured that the case fully protected my phone. The buttons were fully functional, the volume toggle cutout was actually accessible and the lower lightning port accommodated every cable that I tried. I loved the forward-facing speaker, the raised corners and the grippy surface texture.

My only complaint about the case was that it blocked the midnight color of my phone. I was able to appreciate a small sampling of color through the camera cutout, but that was all. If you are looking for an attractive, protective, functional, lightweight case for your new iPhone 11 Pro Max, x-doria has just the thing. Additionally, if the grey case color does not suit your fancy, you can enjoy the case in teal, black and red.

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