Wrap-It Super-Stretch Storage Straps 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

5 min readAug 28

Conveniently tie up those loose ends with these storage straps and keep your gear tidy.

As technology has advanced, several issues and needs have been addressed, modified, reduced, or completely eliminated. Despite the improvements and changes, more devices means more cables, power plugs, and clutter. Although I am content to be a “piles-guy” at work, knowing where each paper is in its representative stack, I have an aversion to cable clutter. To reduce the visual distraction of the cable cacophony, I utilize cable straps, cable ties, 3M tape-paired wall/desk mounts, hubs, and quirks of devices to hide their cables strategically. Recently, I have turned to Wrap-It Storage strap solutions to enhance my home/office cable management.

The Wrap-It Super-Stretch Storage kit arrived in a black-colored 9 5/8 inches long by 4 1/4 inches wide by 1 5/8 inches thick retail package. Instead of a bland, standard, white-colored outer shell, the company used a matte-black surface color. The bright yellow accent surrounding the “Wrap-It” name paired beautifully with the yellow font “Storage.” The resulting contrast provided a vibrant, eye-catching, high-vis logo on the cover, side, top, and bottom panels. The white-colored rear sticker showcased three possible uses for the “Super-Stretch Wrap-IT Storage Straps.” Like the cover, the rear panel successfully employed yellow accents to highlight the title and logos. You will find three product features (1. Stretches to 1.5x the original length. 2. Weatherproof. 3. Multi-purpose) and demonstration images. I liked that the company used the images of the Wrap-It straps to constrain the power cords of an iron, hand vacuum, extension cord, sander cord, and Shop Vac. Each provided a valuable example of the benefits of the Wrap-It straps. Lastly, the rear panel provided a product SKU barcode, an informational QR code, and a note that the product is not weight or strap-rated and should not be used to hang or lash anything.

Within the box, I found eight multi-sized Wrap-It Storage straps. The two smallest straps (6") measured…


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