Witti Beddi Charge Alarm Clock REVIEW


About a year ago, I had the chance to try out the BEDDI Style, which was another alarm clock from WITTI, but it had a ‘smart’ feature built into it and was quite large. One of the biggest differences between the two BEDDI clocks is their sizes. The BEDDI Charge is designed to have a much smaller profile and only provide a charging dock (3 USB output ports), a colorful nightlight, and an alarm clock. The devices USB ports are only intended for charging. The built-in color changing light can be used at two different brightness settings, which make it work for both a night light and a mood light. The BEDDI Charge is meant to be simple and get the job done. The BEDDI Style also functions as a speaker with other smart functions. I think it’s important to note the comparison between the two. So, I have outlined them here:


The BEDDI Charge comes in a well-constructed box. That might sound odd, but I’ve seen a lot of poorly packaged devices and I was happy to see a thicker cardboard box used for this lightweight device. On the front of the box, you will see an image of the product housed inside with the brand and product name also stamped on the front. If you flip the box over, you will see a nice image of the rear panel on the device, which features the USB charging ports and the classic WITTI brand name and design pattern. There is also a small battery compartment for a backup battery so that you don’t lose your alarm if you lose power.


I really like having this stylish, unique alarm clock on my bedside table. It gives me another alarm option and it also provides a very nice nightlight. For around $30, this is a fairly priced clock based off of the features it provides. I can recommend this to any type of user.




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