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10 min readAug 1, 2022

Western Digital produces the best hard drive option for long-term use.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on updating my digital storage systems. In addition to my computer’s hard drive, I have a local backup on my NAS device and then a remote backup through Backblaze.

I believe that backup systems are an essential part of data organization — especially when you are curating content for a website. That’s why I’ve always been so careful to keep my systems updated and in top working order. One of the ways to do that is to upgrade hard drives when possible.

In addition to the backup systems I mentioned, I also have a LaCie 6Big Thunderbolt 3 RAID device. This system is connected directly to my MacBook Pro and I use it as a working media drive for photo and video editing. When I got it a couple of years ago, the only option that was available for me was the version that had 12TB drives(2TB x 6) in it. This model isn’t even offered through LaCie anymore and the smallest capacity you can purchase is one with 24TB (4TB x 6).

The hard drives that came with the LaCie were the IronWolf Pro from Seagate. These are good hard drives and comparable to the Western Digital Red Pro drives. The hard drives have performed admirably but I decided to change them out for the WD Red Pro NAS hard drives because they have a faster cache and I was able to upgrade the capacity to 48TB (8TB x 6) at the same time.

About WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drive

When you choose a hard drive, you want to make sure you get the right type for its intended purpose. Western Digital (WD) has several different types of internal (3.5-inch) hard drives. They are each named with a different color to indicate what they are best used for.

Blue: WD Blue internal hard drives deliver reliability for office and web applications. They are ideal for use as primary drives in desktop PCs and for office applications.


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