Vinpok Taptek Wireless Mechanical RGB Keyboard For Mac REVIEW

4 min readOct 16, 2018

I really enjoy RGB Keyboards. I think they add a sense of style and some flair to a desktop. I also like the clickety-clack of mechanical keyboards. The problem is that so many of them are bulky and I really prefer smaller, slim profile keyboards. Another issue I run into is that most mechanical keyboards are geared toward non-Mac users. So, the keyboards aren’t designed to work exclusively with Apple machines. You can imagine my excitement when I heard about Taptek, a wireless keyboard from Vinpok that was created to work with Macs.


The Vinpok Taptek keyboard is an ultra-slim (16mm) wireless mechanical keyboard for minimalists. It features a Mac layout but supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. With it, you can pair up to 3 devices at the same time. Because of its slim nature, the keyboard is super portable. It is an RGB keyboard and there are 19 different RGB backlit presets to cycle through. You can use the keyboard in wireless or wired mode.


  • 78 keycaps (same as Apple layout)
  • Measures 4.6″ x 8.58″ x 0.63″-0.75″
  • Battery capacity 1800 mAh — rechargeable
  • Weight: 18 ounces
  • Colors available: space grey and silver
  • Self-designed low profile switches
  • Angle of Inclination: 2 degrees
  • Backlight: Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit, 19 types of backlit effects


My experience with this keyboards began with the unboxing. Unfortunately, it was sort of a let down as the packaging does not show off this keyboard very well. It’s a nondescript white box with an outline of a keyboard on it. If I was to have seen this in a store I would have passed right by it. There was nothing on the packaging that reached out and grabbed my attention. Now to give them the benefit of the doubt, Vinpok is just now starting their Indiegogo campaign with this product. So, it’s possible what I saw was not the final retail packaging design.

As someone who is a really big fan of the Apple wireless keyboard, I find it hard to get used to mechanical keyboards. I want them to really make me enjoy typing. The low profile design of the Taptek keyboard stands out while still giving me that easy to type feel. When I set this keyboard up I first used it wired while it charged and then flipped the switch, unplugged it, and moved over to its wireless functionality. Both wired and wireless seemed to work the same. I did not have any typing lag or random disconnections.

Something I did notice that I was not a fan of was accidentally hitting random keys while typing. At first, I thought this was a defect in the keyboard, that maybe I had a bad unit. To my surprise, it was me and not the keyboard. I had gotten so used to typing on a completely flat keyboard via my MacBook Pro that these raised keys even though they are low profile are still higher than the keys on a MacBook Pro so I was slightly under reaching for keys when typing causing me to mistakenly tape the wrong key. Another factor of this was that the SHIFT key on the right side of the keyboard is not as long as what I am used to. I would find myself tapping the SHIFT key — or thinking I was tapping it — only to realize I was hitting the UP ARROW. This was an inconvenience and an annoyance at first, but I realized I could get used to it fairly quickly if the Taptek was the only keyboard I was using.

The RGB color options are very nice. It comes loaded with a nice array of different modes that you can pick from. I would have liked to see the keyboard be a bit brighter so the RGB’s would stand out even more. When you are using it in wireless mode you will find that the backlights turn off rather fast to conserve battery. This is not the case when hard-wired in via the USB-A port. The lighting will stay on at that point.


This is a stellar keyboard that stands out from the rest. It’s designed to work with Apple computers but can work with other systems, too, including mobile devices. Finding a mechanical RGB keyboard for a Mac without having to change keyboard layouts is hard. Most are made for PC’s but every so often a gem will rise from the dust. The Taptek keyboard is one of those diamonds in the rough.

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