Vertagear PL6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair REVIEW | MacSources

6 min readAug 13, 2021

A chair that’s a good fit.

Finding just the right chair can be a little like Goldilocks trying to find porridge that is just the right temperature. There are several factors that come into play when you are chair shopping. You have to find something that is comfortable for you. It also needs to be able to meet your daily use needs. And let’s not forget — the chair quite literally needs to be a good ‘fit’ for you and your body type. When I started looking at desk chairs a few years ago, I quickly found that gaming chairs were a great choice for me since I spend an average of 12 hours a day behind my computer. After I narrowed down the chair field to ‘gaming’ style chairs, then I had to find the fit for me. I’m a bigger person — plus size if you will — and so I needed something that could accommodate me for long periods of time. It can be exhausting trying to wade through the choices out there. That’s why I’m glad that Vertagear has three different options for people to choose from in their P-Series product line.

The P-Series chairs are designed to be comfortable, easy to assemble, and have superior durability over other gaming chairs. This product line is the ‘racing series’ style gaming chairs. It’s a very popular style and each model is designed for a specific type of user. The PL1000 is the ‘entry’ level gaming chair. It’s budget-friendly and is the smallest of the three models. The PL4500 is a step up from the PL1000. It has HygennX included for odor control and anti-bacterial properties. The chair is slightly larger than the PL1000. It can hold up to 260lbs and is designed for a person up to 6'6" in height. The PL6000 is the largest option in the P-Series lineup and is considered a ‘big and tall’ chair. It can hold someone who is up to 350lbs and 6'8" in height. This P-Series chair ended up being the one that was best suited for me.


  • UPHR Foam: The Ultra Premium High Resilience Foam can withstand 62% more weight per cubic foot than standard high resilience foam. The foam prolongs the lifespan of the chair.

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