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4 min readJan 31, 2018


One of my favorite aspects of the annual consumer electronics show (CES), in Las Vegas Nevada, is touring around the show floor and experiencing the wares. This year proved to be just as exciting as my previous two excursions into the tech world. I love the ability to see an idea come to fruition, to see new tech and to experience changes with time. It may not seem like much, but even something as small as a power cable can be exciting. I previously had the pleasure of evaluating the Ventev Charge Sync Alloy Cable. The 4-foot cable was designed to be rugged and was available for both USB-A to micro-USB or USB-A to Lightning. Even though the cable had a single length, you could choose between Cobalt (my favorite), Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Steel Grey (second favorite). The idea behind the brush aluminum housing, oversized strain relief at the connection points and braided exterior was to provide a premium cable that would outlast the lifetime warranty. Capable of supporting 2.4A current, the cables were designed to be nearly indestructible. Alas, what if you needed a longer cable?

Luckily, the Ventev ChargeSync line has a tangle-free flat option, available in 6-inch, 3-feet, and 6-feet options. Similar to the previously evaluated Alloy Cable, the flat cable is capable of 2.4A current and comes in a variety of color options: black, blue, grey, pink, purple, and white (my favorite). The MFI certified cables work perfectly to transfer both energy and data through a standard USB A port to a Lightning port (also available for micro-USB). The packaging was elegant in its simplicity, displaying the cable behind a clear plastic display case. To remove the device from the package, pinch the bottom of the case and remove the black plastic base. The cable arrived with dual twist ties and because it was flat, stored perfectly within the case.

To test the current, I used my DROK USB multimeter. I charged my iPad Air 2 from 10% to 100% and saw a maximum current of 2.2A. I had no issues charging my iPad Air 2, my iPhone X, nor my wife’s iPhone 7. A quick search of the Ventev website showed that the cable was compatible with iOS devices since the iPhone 5. Interestingly, the website data has not yet been updated, with glaring omissions for iPad pro 10.5″ and the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X. The lighting adaptor end is rounded, similar to the cables that you can get from Apple. The grey collar extends 1/2 inch beyond the base of the USB and Lightning connector ends and provides a shoulder between the cable and the connector. This added feature moved the strain point away from the connector and further down on the cable. With the most likely failure point being the junction of the connector/cable, Ventev did a great job protecting the internal wires.

I was very pleased with the overall feel of the chargesync flat cable. I did not experience any drop in charge of the longer 6-foot length, and this length was perfect to reach my desk from my surge protector (located at the floor behind my nightstand). The cable would work perfectly for anyone who uses a modern Apple device. I read multiple reviews from Amazon, detailing issues charging/transferring information using a MacBook Pro. I plugged my DROK USB multimeter into my USB A output port and found it to be 5V. Current is on demand and when I plugged the lighting end into my iPad Air 2, it dinged and began to charge. The multimeter read anywhere from 1.4–1.8A no matter if the magnetic charger was attached to my MacBook Pro or not. Plugging the same USB multimeter into a wall cube, I was able to get up to about 1.8A and the cable felt no warmer. Using a shorter generic USB A to USB-Lightning cable, the DROK USB multimeter showed the same current as with the longer cable. Even after 2 weeks of testing, I have found no issues with this cable. I will continue to test this cable and if it fails, I will update my review. For now, I was pleased with the product, the quality, and the durability. I would rate the cable at 5/5 stars. I did not experience any of the problems that were described by others.

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