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As much as I like working with my Canon 5D Mark IV, I still have moments of annoyance particularly when it comes to things like dead batteries. I don’t like having to stop what I’m doing mid-thought to swap out batteries and I really don’t like realizing the morning of a shoot that I neglected to charge the batteries the night before. When I was working with my Canon 70D, I found a wonderful accessory that gave me the option to use more than one battery at a time with the camera. Fortunately, camera accessory designer, Vello, also provides the same type of device for the 5D Mark IV. The BG-C14 Battery Grip is specially designed to work with my Canon and will give me the extra power I need.

The Vello BG-C14 Battery Grip accepts up to two Canon LP-E6 or LP-E6N rechargeable batteries within its casing so that it will effectively double your battery power and shooting time. In addition to the extra battery life, the grip provides you with easy to use control functions for the camera. There is a shutter release button, AF area and AF point selection, AF start and AE lock buttons, multi-controller, and multi-function buttons as well as the main dial. The grip isn’t just a way to have more power; it’s also a better way to control the camera’s main functions. The bottom of the grip will accommodate tripods with a 1/4-inch threaded socket.

The Vello BG-C14 Battery Grip ships with a contact cap and a battery tray, which slides into the base of the grip. Some of its other valuable features include:

  • Non-slip Grip: A rubber non-slip grip enables enhanced handling when shooting in portrait orientation, even with cold hands.
  • On/Off Switch: This switch deactivates the grip’s control buttons and dials as well as the shutter release button without deactivating the batteries installed in the BG-C14. It’s perfect for preventing accidental activation while shooting in landscape orientation or video when you don’t need the buttons but you do need the extra power.
  • Camera Battery Chamber Cover Holder: A dedicated compartment for your camera’s battery chamber cover provides convenient storage and prevents loss when you’re shooting with the BG-C14.
  • Strap Mount: The BG-C14 is equipped with a built-in strap mount that makes it easy to attach a handgrip to protect against drops.

The first thing I noticed about the Vello BG-C14 Battery Grip was its look. Vello did a really nice job with this device as it blends in nicely with the Canon 5D Mark IV. It has the same rubberized material that covers parts of the camera so it really matches well. The grip installs easily. There is a 1/4-inch threaded screw that mounts into the bottom of the camera. The really nice feature about this mounting piece is that Vello included a dial mechanism that allows you to tighten the screw on the bottom of the camera without having to physically turn the camera around like you do with some mounts. The beauty of this particular product is that it allows you to still use other specialized mounts on the bottom of the grip thanks to the 1/4-inch threaded accessory socket on the bottom of the grip.

Something new with the Canon 5D Mark IV is the addition of the multi-controller joystick that has not previously been on any of the 5D cameras. The battery grip gives you the same controls via the grip for easy shooting. The shutter button placement is ideal for portrait shots. When adding the battery grip to my Canon 5D Mark IV it makes the camera feel like I’m holding a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. I personally don’t find the extra weight a bother but I could see how it could be tiresome while working an all-day shoot.

The batteries rest easily inside the tray. They slide in and out of the base without much effort, but they are secure when they snap into place. I really like you can use the battery grip with one or two batteries. The battery tray locks into the base of the grip using a small turning lock on the side of the grip. It comes out of the grip in the same way that it locks into place.

Something I wanted to touch on is the Camera Battery Chamber Cover Holder. This feature shows how much thought that Vello put into designing this grip. I love this feature because I can use the grip for as long as I want without ever worrying about losing that precious battery door.

I truly feel that every Canon 5D Mark IV owner should have this accessory. When I use it I don’t feel like it’s an attachment; it feels like it’s part of the camera. You couldn’t ask for a better product when it comes to a third-party accessory. The Battery Grip is an invaluable tool for production and it really increases productivity. I love not having to stop in the middle of a production just to change a battery. It’s really improved my longer shoots and added functionality to my camera.


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Originally published at on December 15, 2017.

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