VEHO Z-4 On-Ear Wired Headphones REVIEW Look Basic but Sound Amazing

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I find myself testing many types of headphones. Some have a flashy design, but horrible sound while others are awesome looking headphones with amazing sound quality. And then there are the basic looking headphones that really surprise you with a great sound like the Z-4 On-Ear Wired Headphones.

The Z-4s are designed to be a compact, lightweight option for audiophiles. They are made with lightweight metal and leather. VEHO designed these headphones so that people could wear them for long periods of time and they would still be comfortable. The sides of the headphones fold in so that they are practically flat. This is great for storage and transportation. VEHO did not include a carrying case with these headphones, which would have been a great bonus, especially with the flat-folding design.

As far as the science behind the Z-4’s fantastic sound — the earpieces house 50mm acoustic drivers which deliver high clarity and powerful bass so that you have a great listening experience. The headphones are wired, which is a plus and minus depending on your listening preferences. The inline cable comes with a built-in microphone and remote control that allows you to change the volume control and a multipurpose button that will answer/hang up calls or play/pause music. The inline cable is a standard 3.5mm aux input so it will work with any device that has that particular line-in option. For iPhone 7/7 Plus users, you will need to use your adapter (I did and it worked great).

The Design
The first thing I noticed was, of course, the design. As I alluded to above, they are very ‘basic’ looking. They look nice, but there isn’t anything eye catching about them. They are a basic black color and they just look like nice headphones. If you are like me then you will appreciate how lightweight these are. I love music but find myself listening to less music because when I have heavy headphones I get headaches. Because the Z-4 headphones are designed to be lightweight for comfort and the ear cups are a soft leather that feels supers soft — like little leather clouds — I didn’t even notice I was wearing them. I ended up wearing them for about 2 hours and I had no headache — no earache — I just had a great listening experience and really enjoyed my music better than I had in a long time.

The Sound
I can’t talk enough about the sound quality of these beauties. First of all, because they are ‘on-ear’ there is a bit of ambient sound isolation that you get simply because your ears are covered. I was sitting in a room listening to music pretty loud (probably louder than I should have) and someone else was watching a video using computer speakers that filled the room with sound. I could hear it in the background, but it didn’t overpower the Z-4 headphones. For what these headphones are, I was incredibly impressed by the bass power. You typically don’t get power like the Z-4’s produce unless you buy bass enhanced headphones. It was almost like having tiny subwoofers on my ears. The bass was rich, punchy and it really made the songs I listened to sound amazing. I used both my iTunes library and Pandora to test out the sound quality and found that music just sounded better with the Z-4s than other headphones I’ve tried lately.

One more point I want to make along with the sound is the volume control on the aux cable. It works independently from your device’s audio controls. For example, I turned up the volume in iTunes, my MacBook Pro, and then finally the headphones. Each volume control worked on its own. There are a lot of volume controls — especially on headphones — that only control the device’s natural volume. The Z-4’s controls enhance what is already being pushed to it.

Aux Cable
As much as I truly love these headphones, I did find one issue that does not please me. When I first unpackaged the headphones and the aux cable, I found that the left earpiece produced a very slight popping sound. This could be caused by a defective cable, but the more I used the headphones the less I ended up hearing the problem. I am also not a big fan of the flat type of cable for this use. Some people will really like it because it’s less likely to tangle, but to me, it feels a little cheap. I would have rather a nylon wrapped cable be used.

As for the controls on the cable, I think that was a beautiful design. Even though I mentioned what the volume control can do, I didn’t talk about how the control is actually a slider instead of up and down buttons. This is really nice because I feel as though I have better control.

In general, I’m not a big fan of cables so please remember when reading this I maybe just a bit biased because I do prefer wireless headphones over wired any day.

So the question is are these a good buy? My answer is yes! I say this because the aux cable can be swapped out if you’re not a fan of it and for $59.95 your getting sound quality that matches pairs of headphones I’ve used that would cost $200 plus. The sound is really where these headphones shine. I could be happy using them daily at the gym or while waiting for my daughter to visit with her brothers. Because of the price, I wouldn’t worry about them getting damaged and I don’t have to suffer through a subpar sound.

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Originally published at on February 7, 2017.



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