Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator Review

Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator helps family find their way home.

Several years ago, when my grandfather was still alive, my family made a visit to my grandparents’ condo for lunch. When I arrived, I found that there was a sizable dent in the garage door. I immediately asked my grandmother what happened. She tried very hard not to make a big deal out of it, but she let us know that my grandfather decided one night that he wanted to go for a drive and backed right into the garage door. It was that moment that I realized that there was something going on with him. As it turns out, he had Alzheimer’s Disease. I didn’t find this out until he had passed away and it was made very clear how much my grandmother had been doing for him to keep him going. The garage incident was something that hit hard for me and it really made me wonder what would have happened if the garage door hadn’t been closed. What if he had gotten out into the world and forgotten how to get home? The Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator is the answer for this problem.

Vectu is designed for families and caregivers looking for an effective and affordable way to stay connected with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this model of locator doesn’t allow you to remotely locate your loved ones unless it’s activated by a push of the button on the device itself. Once the alert is issued, the Personal Emergency GPS Locator will enter a ‘tracking mode’ and transmit a location update every 60 seconds until the battery drains. When an alert is sent out, the notification goes to the app, your email, and your text message service. It’s almost instantaneous when its activated. Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator designed to work anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists.

Some of the features include:

  • Real-time time positioning upon help alert
  • Lightweight — only 23g
  • Instant SMS/Email/Push notifications
  • Multiple users — share Vectu with other myAspenta app users
  • Up to 4 phone numbers and email addresses can receive notifications
  • View multiple devices on a single map
  • 90-days location reports

The set-up for the device is easy, but I ran into a couple of issues when I was testing it out. First, make sure the device is charged before adding it to the app. Some devices you can turn on and start up right out of the box, but not this one. Flip the switch to the ‘on’ position, plug it in and let it charge up. While it’s charging, download the app and sign up for your myAspenta account. The first year of service is included with the purchase of the product, but is $24 per year after that. Once you’re connected the device to your account and app, you are ready to start using it. Now, this is where I got a little hung up with this device. To activate the alert, you can’t just simply tap the button. You have to press and hold it in and wait for the status light to blink 5 times. This verifies that an alert was sent. Now maybe it was set up this way so that an errant tap from inside a pocket wouldn’t set off the alert, but to me, I’d rather have it be a little easier to operate and less steps for the user to remember.

Aspenta’s customer service was very responsive. As I mentioned, I had some issues with set-up. I contacted their customer service personnel and received a response within about 24 hours. They sent me step-by-step instructions to reset the device and I haven’t had any problems with it since.

The app is really easy to use, too. Once it’s set-up, it’s very low-maintenance. You simply tap on the locator device you want to review, and it pulls up the last seen location, date, and time. It will also show the battery level at the last time it registered.

All in all, the Vectu Personal Emergency GPS Locator is a pretty cool device. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I really like the concept. It’s great for family members that have lost their way and need help finding home again.

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Originally published at on March 10, 2016.

MacSources is a digital media blog for resources and reviews. We cover all Technology that tickles our fancy. But mostly Apple. 

MacSources is a digital media blog for resources and reviews. We cover all Technology that tickles our fancy. But mostly Apple. 