V-MODA Remix Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) REVIEW

4 min readMar 23, 2018


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I think if there’s one thing besides my MacBook and iPhone X that I would have a hard time going without it would be a Bluetooth speaker. I have to have music going and the sound from the devices are good when I’m in a pinch but I really need to connect with something to enjoy whatever I may be listening to more. The V-MODA Remix just officially became my go-to Bluetooth speaker that I can’t be without.


The speaker is about 8 inches long and is small enough to easily move around and it’s solid black color and design reminds me of larger speaker amps. Even though the solid black isn’t a standout look alone, V-MODA has the option to get 3D printed stands. I do not have a printed stand but seeing different designs that they offer it would turn the simple design into a statement decor piece. The speaker has a leather-like material on it as well making it feel and look higher end than a standard plastic design. The controls for the speaker are located on the top and have simple easy to navigate labels. This isn’t a light speaker for its size. On the back side, there is a spot for auxiliary connection, charging with USB-C, and a port for daisy chaining up to 10 speakers to it.

Trying it out

Connectivity to the V-MODA remix is effortless and quick, so setting up was very easy. Also, finding it on my large list of Bluetooth devices is quick because it is listed as what it is “V-MODA Remix”. I’m able to adjust the volume of the speaker with my iPhone X and there is quite a jump from mute to minimal volume. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a speaker that had such a crisp clear loud sound set one setting above mute. I usually have to turn Bluetooth speakers on full volume to clearly hear them throughout my townhouse and that is NOT the case with the Remix. It reminds me of much larger Bluetooth speakers that are double the size of this in a sound range which is quite impressive.

The sounds quality of this alone is high end and I can’t think of a Bluetooth speaker of its size that compares. As I’m writing this I have it set at the lowest volume and it has a surround sound effect and doesn’t seem flat. Every tone in this is showcased from the low-end bass to the highs. I don’t feel the need to have it in a louder setting because of that which isn’t how I normally use speakers. I feel the need to crank the sound up to fill the room but this does it effortlessly. I’m only using one but I would imagine it would be amazing to have multiples chained together but I couldn’t see doing that outside of a party situation which would be a simple and easy to store idea. I would suggest if using this at your desk to sit up high on a shelf because it projects so well and that would help it be more of a background ambient noise.

The Remix also has a built-in microphone allowing the ability to connect with Siri which works nicely and I had no issue with it. I could also do hands-free calling through the speaker which delivered a call to me and I asked about the clarity from the caller and they thought I was talking on my phone. Also with all the use I’ve already used with a full charge of battery it is still going strong and I only connected it once to USB-C. It says it has a 10-hour battery life and I didn’t time it but there charge definitely lasts.

The Remix also allows you to amplify your wired headphone sounds through an amplifier port. I tried two sets of headphones and one being the V-MODA Crossfade 2 headphones and I do have to say they delivered a better sound doing this than connected directly to a device. Now I won’t say it was a life-changing difference but with the high-quality sound, the Crossfade 2 already have I was pleased.


The Remix for me replaces the decision for me to use a larger speaker or small compact one because it serves both purposes. The price tag on it is a little higher than most speakers it’s size but the sound it provides is worth the splurge. V-MODA has built a lasting impression on me as a brand for great quality products and fantastic sound so I would recommend this to anyone not wanting just a Bluetooth speaker but one that will last and be their go-to for speakers.

For more information, visit v-moda.com/remix-bluetooth-speaker.
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