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2 min readNov 21, 2023

Get easy help with your meal preparations from Butterball.

Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition filled with warmth, gratitude, and of course, a hearty feast. However, orchestrating a flawless Thanksgiving meal can sometimes be a daunting task. Enter the Butterball iOS app — a digital sous chef that streamlines the entire process, from planning your menu to carving the perfect turkey.

Your Culinary Companion

Planning Made Simple: The Butterball app offers a comprehensive guide to help you plan your Thanksgiving meal. From creating shopping lists to estimating cooking times, it ensures you’re organized well in advance. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, the app’s user-friendly interface makes navigating recipes and timelines a breeze.

Recipes Galore: Elevate your menu with a diverse range of recipes — from classic roasted turkey to innovative side dishes and delectable desserts. The app provides step-by-step instructions, ensuring even first-time cooks can whip up a memorable feast.

Turkey Tips & Tricks: Tackling the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table can be intimidating. Fear not! The Butterball app provides expert advice on everything turkey-related — from thawing and brining to roasting and carving. It’s like having a professional chef guiding you through every step.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips

Live Chat Support: Feeling unsure about a particular cooking technique? The Butterball app offers live chat support, connecting you with turkey experts who can answer your queries in real-time. This instant guidance ensures a stress-free cooking experience.

Calculators & Timers: Precision is key in the kitchen. The app’s calculators help determine turkey cooking times based on weight, ensuring your bird is cooked to perfection. Timers keep you on track, notifying you when it’s time to baste or check on your culinary creations.

Video Tutorials: For visual learners, the app offers video tutorials demonstrating essential cooking techniques. Whether…




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