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5 min readSep 13, 2022

Charger provides massive power in a miniature size.

According to (4/27/22), US households have increased from 13 internet-connected devices in 2021 to an average of 16 devices in 2022. Unfortunately, as many devices moved to USB charging, the traditional silicone-based charging bricks had to increase in size to deal with the heat and power needs.

Thankfully, companies like UGREEN adopted a newer Gallium Nitride technology for their semiconductors. The newer tech allowed for smaller chargers, higher efficiency, and less heat production. On an even larger scale, the UGREEN website reported savings of 5503 tons of carbon dioxide per year by switching from the older silicone tech to the newer GaN chips.

This figure represented a similar amount of CO2 that 74,500 acres of trees would remove from the atmosphere in a single year or the equivalent of planting 220,755 trees. When you combine the macro-scale benefits with the promise of a smaller, higher-efficiency charger, GaN tech takes the gold.


The UGREEN Nexode 45W GaN Charger arrived in a white-colored, 4 inches square by 1 11/16 inches thick retail package. The pristine white background served as a fantastic backdrop for the hunter green company and product name along the top left of the cover panel and the grey GaN 45W icon. Furthermore, the dark upon light theme enhanced the oblique image of the UGREEN dual USB-C charger with retractable type A wall prongs.

The rear panel, unlike the cover panel, or the blank top/bottom panels, proved to be a bit busy with text. The hunter green product name was listed atop the panel, followed by a specification list (100–240V-50/60Hz/1.2A input, 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/2.25A [3.3–11V/4.05A 45W max] USB-C1 and USB-C2 output, 45.0W total output), plus notes to charge as close to the outlet as possible and to use original cables.

The lower segment of the panel provided the company address, phone number, email (, and product manufacturing labels…




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