UGREEN Nexode 30W RG GaN Charger 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

7 min readSep 21

Recharge, Regenerate, and Rejuvenate your electronics.

According to a Deloitte’s 2022 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey, each US household has approximately 22 connected devices. With so many devices requiring power, finding an open outlet or USB port can sometimes be challenging. From dorm rooms to offices living spaces and theater rooms, many outlets, power strips, and hubs become overwhelmed, while others remain dormant or neglected.

Thus, it is important for home utility to find power adapters capable of providing as much power to as many devices as possible. My general rule is that a device must provide at least two USB ports (USB-A or USB-C) per outlet at a minimum. These chargers often assume larger sizes and become too unwieldy for portable use. Thankfully, more efficient GaN chargers can provide quite a punch for home use, and their smaller frame often allows for improved portability. When considering portability, I prefer lightweight to port quantity.


The UGREEN 30W Nexode RG GaN Fast Charger arrived in a 4 3/4 inches square by 2 inches tall retail package. The cover panel displayed the company name along the top left, two robotic face icons along the left panel, the product name/description along the bottom left, and a silver-glistening 30W logo along the bottom right. I liked the creative charge indicators with a robotic kiss face indicating recharging and the lack of lips suggesting the device was fully charged.

The top panel listed the NEXODE logo in metallic silver font, while the bottom panel provided a product SKU barcode sticker, detailed the product color, and CD359 model number. The right side panel provided three product detail feature icons (Higher Efficiency & Less Heat, Thermal Guard Safe Charging, and For Laptops Tablets & Phones). The left panel listed the product specifications: 1. Product name 30W USB-C PD GaN Fast Charger. 2. 100–240V input. 50/60Hz 800mA Max. 3. USB-C output 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/2.5A 15V/2A 20V/1.5A 3.3–11V/2.7A with total power 30W Max. Lastly, the panel listed a product note to utilize appropriate charging cables.


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