UGREEN Nexode 140 W GaN Charger 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

9 min readSep 19, 2022

Charge your gear with the efficient and powerful 3-in-1 Multiport charger from UGREEN.

With more tech requiring USB charging, I know I am not alone in the struggle with the ever-expanding game of power cable Tetris. It seems that I over-utilize a few outlets while others remain essentially unused. For example, two outlets in my home office and one at my bedside charge my MacBook Pro 15″, Desktop PC, battery backup, modem, router, Synology Disk Station NAS, iPad Pro 12.9″, my children’s iPad Mini’s, Airpods Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and more. In fact, I have consulted a professional electrician to dedicate breakers and outlets to prevent overuse/overburden.

Unless you install USB-capable outlets, you must employ a USB HUB or a multiport charger like those from UGREEN. If you have not read my recent Nexode 45W Charger review, I invite you to peruse the link. The review discussed some of the benefits of the GaN technology, which is an essential factor in newer chargers like those in the Nexode line of chargers.


The UGREEN Nexode 140W charger arrived in a 5 3/8 inches wide by 5 3/8 inches tall by 1 11/16 inches tall retail package. I appreciated the use of a dark black background instead of the customary white color scheme and the use of light fonts against the black base. The white company name was listed along the upper left corner, while the golden/bronze Nexode 140W charger name was listed just beneath the UGREEN name.

The cover’s lower edge provided a white-colored 140W ink outline and a GaNFast icon. The main focal point of the cover had to be the central image of the UGREEN charger. Large, obliquely-angled, glossy, and slightly raised, the dark grey-colored Nexode charger provided a good visual lesson of the features: retractable type-A wall prongs, single USB-A 3.0, and double USB-C ports. The shadow/gradient of the image added an extra layer of allure to the overall presentation.


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