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Twelve South Fermata Headphone Stand REVIEW Wireless headphone charging stand.

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Not too long ago, I acquired a really nice set of wireless headphones. I loved using them but found that they ended up contributing to general desk clutter and would tend to get in the way. So, I started looking for a nice headphone stand that would not only protect my headphones and de-clutter my desk but would also look good. While I have found some nice options, none of them really satisfied my needs completely. A couple of months ago, accessory designer, Twelve South, released the Fermata headphone charging stand so I thought I would give it a try.

Fermata is a musical term that means a hold of unspecified length. The Twelve South stand of the same name provides the opportunity to keep your headphones charged and in pristine condition with a good storage option. Therefore, Fermata is a fitting name. As a someone who studied music in high school and college, I found this quirky bit of trivia to be endearing. The stand elevates, charges, and displays headphones. It charges with an integrated power cable and provides an additional USB port for smartphone charging and/or syncing. The stand has a 10-inch post that supports most sizes of headphones and it includes an ultra-soft leather pad for some protection of the headphones. The base measures 5.43 inches and is wide enough to support the weight of even heavier sets of gaming headphones.

The packaging of the Fermata headphones doesn’t disappoint. I’ve always loved Twelve South’s attention to detail. Their packaging is solid and includes an outer wrap with a nice photograph of the product along with the company branding. The inside of the package includes a magnetic closure that opens up to reveal the interior of the box that is lined with protective foam and cut-outs for the parts of the stand. The stand comes in four parts — the base, the post, the box with the charger and parts, and the extension cable. Twelve South includes a nice die-cut instruction manual with illustrations of how to put the stand together along with a set of Twelve South stickers.

Set-up of Fermata is pretty straightforward. Twelve South provides a small screw and hex wrench to install the post into the base. The flexible charging cable that extends from the base to about midway up the post. This is probably my favorite feature of the stand. It tucks away neatly when it’s not in use and is easily plugged into headphones when they need a charge. Another really nice feature of Fermata is the earbud accessory. It snaps onto the post and makes it possible for you to hang wireless earbuds (or corded ones) on it in addition to the full-size over the ear headphones. I think this is also a nice touch as it gives you even more of an opportunity to organize and clean-up your desk space.

The extra USB port is actually located on the underside of the base, which is a little hard to get to. If you plan on using it and just connect a cable before you start using the stand as a stand. The only downside to this is that you end up with an extra cable hanging out the back of it, but again, if you plan for it, there are many different cable management options for organizing something like this. It doesn’t have to be chaos on your desk.

Fermata is a very nice, sturdy headphone stand. It is evenly balanced and looks nice and sleek. It has different options on it and is more advanced than standard headphone stands. In my opinion, Fermata is the stand to invest in.

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