Twelve South AirSnap AirPod Case REVIEW


AirSnap is a full-grain leather case that is tailored to fit the AirPod Charging Case snugly. It’s designed to protect the case and help you keep them close at hand. AirSnap has a cut out on the bottom for Lightning charging port access and comes with a metal clip preinstalled. The clip is caribeaner style and has a swivel head to it so that you can easily grab your AirPods or put them away. There is a snap closure built into the leather case to keep the AirPods from falling out of the protective case. Twelve South used the same top-grain leather used to make the RelaxedLeather iPhone Case, which creates a beautiful sense of luxury. AirSnap wraps around the AirPod case and doesn’t add much weight or bulk to the portable headphones. AirSnap retails for around $30 and comes in three different colors — Deep Teal, Cognac, or Black.


The AirSnap case came in an amazing branding box from Twelve South. It may seem odd to make remarks about the packaging of such a small item, but Twelve South does a great job with their retail boxes and I always like to give their designers credit. AirSnap is preassembled and all that the user has to do is insert their AirPods into the leather sleeve. The inside of the case is soft and suede-like so the AirPod Charging Case slides right in. It’s just as easy to take out, too. That’s why I’m glad that Twelve South included a button snap on the case’s flap so that the AirPod Charging Case was always safe and secure inside.


The AirSnap is a luxury accessory for a premium Bluetooth headphone set. I’ve been very happy with its performance and really love the attention to detail that Twelve South put into this tiny product. It looks amazing and has a lot of features that not only add class to the AirPods, but also a protective layer. I can recommend AirSnap to AirPod users with the caveat that you may not be able to hook it to everything you want due to the size of the clip. That aside, AirSnap is a nice accessory.




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