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Enjoy on-the-go quality sound with the portable Bluetooth Speaker from Tribit.

Many people are currently self-distancing and waiting out the COVID-19 storm. My wife is homeschooling for the first time, our schedules are askew, we are not traveling, we are not eating out, and like many, our lives are markedly different than they were a few weeks ago. One thing that has not changed, however, is the love of music. While playing outside, while riding bikes, while coloring with chalk, while jumping on their trampoline, my children loved o listen to music. By happenstance, I received the perfect family speaker from Tribit, The Stormbox Micro.


When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, I like to imagine the optimal location for their usage. The IP67 nature of the speaker would likely work well for the deck of a pool/jacuzzi, for use in the bathroom/bath/shower, or for a trip to the lake/beach. The lightweight size would allow you to easily add the speaker to a backpack for a camping/overnight trip, or to use in your bedroom or medium-sized dorm. I did not have a second device to evaluate the Party/Stereo modes but found that the single device worked well as a personal speaker. For personal listening, I found that the speaker worked well up to about 50% volume. Beyond that, it proved to be a little harsh and I needed to move it farther away. My children and I watched several of the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers on Netflix and we enjoyed the sound output. We watched several videos on Disney +, programs on Hulu, movies on Movies Anywhere and had no issues with the audio-visual sync. However, YouTube videos proved to be unwatchable due to the noticeable discordance. If you are looking for room-filling bass or for a cinematic full sound option, a personal speaker is not what you want. Devices like the Tribit StormBox Micro shine in those areas where your other speakers dare not venture.



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