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4 min readNov 8, 2019

Totallee Slim iPhone 11 Pro Case


A minimalist case that supports wireless charging and protects the phone against the elements.

Getting new iPhones is always a nerve-wracking experience for me. I am always worried that I won’t be able to get a case for the new models quick enough and something might happen to the phone. I’m a little gun shy about new phones for this very reason. iPhones are built to last, but even a small drop can end up cracking a screen or the glass on the back of the phone. Getting a case on that new phone as quickly as possible is the best solution for this problem. Some people like really flashy cases while others — like me — appreciate ones that are functional. One of the most functional, minimalist cases around is the Thin iPhone case from Totallee (available for the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


This case is described as ‘pocket-friendly’ on Totallee’s website. It’s ultra-thin — only 0.02" thick (0.06" if you get the leather version) and feather-light (0.1 ounces). The case is branding-free and supports wireless charging. Because it’s so thin, it has a precise design that provides the surface of the iPhone with a barrier against damaging objects. The case does offer a ‘lip’ around the camera for added protection. The Thin iPhone 11 Pro case has 3 finish options — matte, transparent, or leather. With the matte option, there are six different color variations — frosted clear, frosted black, solid black, navy blue, red, and green.


I’ve had previous experiences with Totallee cases in the past. I’ve found them to be the ultimate minimalist case. It’s so incredibly thin that it can actually be fragile in some places on the case. The case comes in a zippered pouch inside a box. I chose the green case since I got the midnight green iPhone and as it turns out, the case is a precise complement to the midnight green finish of the iPhone.

Truth be told, the case fits the iPhone like a glove. It almost looks like it was a second skin for the phone because the color matches so precisely. I was really impressed with the general look of the ultra-thin case from Totallee. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of with this case is that it’s really just enough protection to keep your phone in pristine shape against the elements. Don’t get me wrong. It’s tough — but only as tough as a 0.02" thick sleeve can be.

It does a great job keeping surface scratches off the phone and it has a nice smooth texture to it. One of the things I like about the texture is that it provides just enough traction so that you have a better grip on the phone than you would if it were naked. The Thin iPhone 11 Pro Totallee case doesn’t offer much in the way of screen protection. The case sits flush with the screen and if you happen to have a screen protector on your phone like I do, the screen protector actually sits above the case.


I really admire Totallee cases for their ultra-thin, minimalist designs. They are a wonderful compliment to Apple’s natural design and they provide just enough protection so that the iPhone remains in perfect condition. Even though the case protects well against scratches, I wouldn’t expect much impact protection from it.

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