Totallee Leather iPhone Case REVIEW Minimalistic design to protect your iphone.

4 min readJul 27, 2017

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I believe I may be a stereotypical Apple fan. I have moved from the iPhone 5s to the 6s Plus and now to the iPhone 7 plus, which I enjoy immensely. My wife has even been won over to the Apple camp, trading in her Galaxy S6 for an iPhone 7. When I consider the cost of the device, I cannot fathom having an unadorned, naked iPhone. From bumps to scrapes, to drops, to simply excessive rubbing upon the Jet Black version, the phone has so many hazards to overcome. I personally have chosen to keep my phone protected within a Catalyst Case, which protects from dust, debris and is fully waterproof. This iPhone Armor class of case works for some but is not for everyone. I love the protection, the clear front and back allow the case to shine, but the sounds are sometimes distorted. My wife prefers bumper style slim cases and more natural cases to protect the bezel and the back and relies on a screen protector to shield the glass. This is the second most common type of case. There are a few other types to include the folio style (which my wife also loves).

Imagine my wife’s excitement when she heard of the totallee minimalistic case. The case is made of genuine leather and provides protection to the back and sides of your phone while adding extra grip to reduce drops. The totalleecase is listed as the thinnest leather case in the world at 0.02″ thin. Totallee offers this minimalistic case but does not skimp on quality. The device is ultralight, minimalistic, branding free, and weighs a remarkable 0.2 ounces for the iPhone 7 case and 0.4ounces for the iPhone 7 plus. This weight feels negligible compared to the 4.87-ounce iPhone 7 and the 6.63-ounce iPhone 7 plus. Each of the cases comes in an equally minimalistic brown cardboard box with totallee listed along the top and bottom edges. Open the lid of your box and notice a black mylar bag with white lettering. There is a Ziplock section along the top and then a tear perforation just below this zipper. I caution you to refrain from opening the bag via the tear perforation as you cannot then use the bag again. One side of the bag details the two-year warranty, the California based company and the slogan that is listed above. The other side has a large totallee logo.

Open the bag via the Ziplock section and slide out the black leather case. The case is incredibly thin and feels like paper. The back of the case is solid without a cutout for the Apple logo. There are cutouts for the lightning port, speaker, power button, volume up/down and mute toggle. The camera cutout is perfectly placed and accommodates the camera very well. The iPhone 7 case measures 5 5/16 inches long by 2 5/8 inches wide by 5/16 inches thick and the iPhone 7 plus case measures 6 3/16 inches long by 3 inches wide by 5/16 inches thick. Each of the cases has the same cutouts. Included within the cardboard box, you will find a black business card detailing the two-year warranty and the contact information.It also provides a card encouraging you to follow them on Instagram for inspiration and weekly giveaways.

If you are looking for an ultra minimalistic protective leather case, look no further than the totallee case. My wife has used this case for the past week and is happy with how thin the case felt. Her main complaint is that the case seemed a little slimy/slippery and was even worse with any moisture on the hands. It was so thin that there is little more to hold onto than the phone itself. She stated to me that she often felt that her phone had no case at all. After a week there was no damage to her phone and the case seemed to have better grip. I do not know if there is a waxy layer that rubs off in a pocket/purse or in the hand, but I agreed that the case felt less slippery after 1 week of use. The leather is relatively easily scrunchable and will scuff easily as well. This is not necessarily a limitation to this case, but rather to the leather itself. The skin is protecting the phone and those scratches are not on the device. The craftsmanship seems to be top notch and the phone is well protected in this thin shell. We would rate the case at 4/5 stars as it lived up to the promised expectations. You no longer have to rely on bulky, heavy cases to protect your phone, with thin cases like totallee.

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