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4 min readMay 3, 2019


A luxury bracelet charging cable you can wear everywhere

I absolutely despise caring cables around with me. I do it when I have no other choice but I have gone out of my way to go wireless as much as I can. That being said, I do understand times will call for you to have a cable when you least expect it and so what is the solution to this problem? Torro bracelets have designed classy branded cables that look like jewelry and even have one gold plated with 18K gold. If you have to carry a cable around you might as well wear it on your person and look good while doing it.


The Torro Bracelet is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art jewelry piece that doubles as a charging cable. The bracelet features a single-braided genuine faux leather with a connecting mechanism that is plated with 18K gold. The built-in USB connector functions with USB 2.0 technology and the output connector is either Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB. The bracelet/cable can be used to connect to phones, power banks, laptops, gaming consoles and more.


The box the bracelet comes in is black with a magnetic front cover that opens up so you can see the size chart and the different styles of bands Torro carries. The back of the box gives a quick, easy to understand 3-image guide of what the cable can be used for including Torro-to-computer, Torro-to-outlet, and Torro-to-battery. I chose to go with the USB-C cable bracelet since most modern devices are switching to USB-C, it made the most sense to me. Also, when I ordered it, I planned on wearing it every day so I decided on the 18K gold plated version so it would look classy when attending events.

The single-braided cable feels and looks great. The gold-plated connector looks super classy and you would never guess I am wearing a charging cable. The first thing I charged with the Torro was my iPad Pro. It was completely dead so when I plugged in the Torro to the iPad it took a few seconds for it to even register it was plugged in. I thought this would be a great test. Since the bracelet would be charging an iPad to a full charge I would be able to see if the cable 1) could handle it and 2) I would be able to feel if the cable got warm at all. The cable acted like any Apple cable it charged up my iPad with no heat. The only issue I had was getting the USB-C end to snap into the iPad completely. Once I realized it needed to ‘snap’ into place, I didn’t have any issues with it.


All in all, I think this is a great option for someone like me. I hate the clutter of extra cables in my bag and I find myself needing them all the time. The 18K plated gold matches so closely to my AppleWatch series 4 that when I wear the bracelet out I know It looks good. It feels good on the wrist and the only thing someone will have to get over when using a bracelet cable like this is the fact that whatever they are charging will be tethered to a super short cable. For me, this is not even close to a deal breaker but for others, they might get aggravated with the lack of reach. Again if that is the case then they should be carrying a full-length cable. For me, I just wish I had an option that would do both USB-C and Lightning depending on my need without having to wear two bracelets. Torro does make a Lightning bracelet but having one that could have both USB-C and Lightning in one cable would be outstanding.

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