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Working from home is becoming a trend worldwide due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Some people have done it for a long time, but others are brand new to the concept. I’ve worked for employers that encouraged employees to work from home to maintain a work-life balance. I’ve also worked for employers who didn’t know what “work from home” meant. I wouldn’t call myself an expert at working from home, but I’m definitely well-practiced in the artform and manage to keep home separate from the work. With that said, I have pulled together a list of apps, products, and tips that can be helpful as you navigate the work-from-home landscape.

Top Five: Tips

Top Five: Apps

Top Five: Products

While there are a lot of products out there designed to help you be productive, there are five types of products that I recommend for any work-from-home workspace.


When you transition to working from home instead of going into a physical office building, your view of the world shifts a bit. You learn to become more mobile and start finding ways to commune with your co-workers that don’t rely on face-to-face conversations. Even though I’ve worked this way before, it’s still an adjustment for me to shift from leaving the house every day to simply walking into my dining room to start work.

Originally published at on March 25, 2020.

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