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5 min readApr 24

Find out why I detest these weapons in Call of Duty Mobile and why you should avoid them for an improved experience.

When it comes to Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), I am more than an average player. I play this game daily — and sometimes for hours on end. I find myself using all sorts of weapons and many of them have established their place in the game. There are some, however, that should have never been introduced into the game. In fact, the only reason I have used these guns is because I had to in order to level up the other weapons in my collection. Here are my top 3 choices for guns you should avoid in Call of Duty Mobile.

#1 D13 Sector

The D13 Sector belongs to the Launcher class of weapons and is designed as a secondary weapon. It is featured as a special weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III as well as CODM. The D13 was originally released for COD: Black Ops III in October 2016 and in December 2021 for CODM. Originally, the D13 fired an exploding disc that travels for about 5 seconds through the air and has the ability to bounce off surfaces before detonating. In CODM, the D13 has been modified/nerfed from its original iteration. According to -

“The first nerf limits how many times it can bounce around in a map, now only being able to bounce three times before outright disappearing. The second nerf is the lack of an explosion. The third nerf is the progressive damage dropoff depending on how many people the disc has gone through, suffering a drop of 60 damage after it collides with one enemy, meaning an enemy hit behind the first enemy will suffer 40 damage. The fourth nerf is that every time the disc collides with an enemy, the disc will bounce off, though it has a chance to collide with an enemy behind the killed enemy.”

My opinion: This piece of dog dung is by far the worst weapon in this game to use. It’s even worse if you want to level it up to gold or diamond, as I have. It has one shot and is barely usable. I can say from using…


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