Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands REVIEW Playstation 4 Game by Ubisoft

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I have been a gamer since before I knew what being a gamer meant. I longed for my original NES and as I slowly progressed through all the new consoles coming out, I kept finding new and exciting games that I never thought I would enjoy. Once I found first person shooter/combat games I was hooked. With such a huge chunk of the gaming market being first-person shooter games, it has been a free-for-all trying to pick up a game here and there.

Like most people, I enjoy sitting back and shooting bad guys to relax. I did get stuck in an online multiplayer rut for a while. When I found myself just sitting in lobbies with people that had no strategy and an inadequate internet connection, I decided to switch off to third person open-world games and I haven’t looked back. I do still prefer the shooter open-world games.

I have enjoyed pretty much all the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games, so when Wildlands was announced, I knew it would be a ‘must have.’ I was correct. Shortly after inserting the disc into my PS4 and letting the updates install, I was ready to binge play for a few hours or days, or however long I could keep my eyes open. While watching the backstory introduction video, we learn the game set in 2019 Bolivia and a drug cartel is taking over the whole country. It’s a narco-state. Our job as a player is to take down the cartel by pretty much any means necessary with the aid of the rebel group, Kataris 26.

Once gameplay starts we meet a contact and we’re immediately on the way to our first mission. I got a little caught up during the first mission by how interactive everything was in the open world. Once completing the first mission I decided to really check everything out. The world we’re playing in is huge, which means that I will get hours of gameplay from Wildlands. After driving whatever vehicle I felt like around the map with my 3-man support squad, you run across several groups of enemy combatants that are marked on the HUD in the corner. When you get near an enemy, the HUD pinpoints that it is indeed an enemy.

I quickly learned to cycle through my available weapons for close and long-range battle. During the battle, I found one of my favorite features — reviving the dead. After taking fire and getting close to death, the screen pointed me to fall back, but I kept pushing until I was dead, or so I thought. One of my squadmates revived me. I quickly learned that they are only allowed to do that once in a fight, but not dying and starting over the game is the little advantage I needed to defeat anyone in my path — well usually.

Unlike some games where you get basic weapons, Wildlands lets you find upgrades to your weapons that make a serious difference. The upgrades are scattered about the world like the new weapons and gear are. This meant exploring even further and getting further immersed in all the different landscapes in the game. Speaking of the landscapes, Ubisoft put in every kind of terrain you can think of with the vehicles to traverse that terrain. After completing several story missions, I started to tackle some of the side missions. As it turns out the side missions are just as difficult and fun as the story.

My favorite feature of Wildlands is that it is multiplayer. You can play with 3 of your friends over the network. No more waiting for the computer to do your bidding. You and your friends can communicate and coordinate your stealthy moves and when you go down you know that your buddy will come revive you as soon as possible. I found that playing with friends was a little more difficult because every other player is a wildcard and have their own idea of how to take out the enemy, which sometimes leaves you vulnerable. Even if you hop on and find that your friends aren’t on to play with, you can still connect with random players and possibly make a new battle buddy.

At the end of the day, whether I was playing online or by myself, I got so immersed in the gameplay that I forgot about whatever was going on around me and stayed up way too late. This to me is a sign of an awesome game. I have a few games that I play constantly because I don’t get bored with them, and Wildlands has definitely replaced one of them.

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Originally published at on March 28, 2017.

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