ThinOptics REVIEW Never be without reading glasses again!

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Have you ever been to a restaurant and been unable to read the menu? Or, have you arrived at your destination, only to realize that your reading glasses were left at home? If not, either you are young enough to not have this problem, or you are very diligent about bringing your readers along. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Presbyopia, also known as the “aging eye,” begins to worsen around the age of 40 years old. Basically, the lens of the eye loses its natural elasticity, causing difficulty with close-up vision. Unfortunately, this invariable process will affect us all. Some common symptoms included a headache, eyestrain, moving objects further from your view and or fatigue. This is not myopia (nearsighted) or hyperopia (farsighted), although the process is similar to hyperopia. It can be evaluated by an eye specialist and may be self-treated using over the counter readers. The main problem is, we may not have the glasses with us when we need them.

I was introduced to ThinOptics at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. They detailed the need to have a pair of readers with you at all times, and nearly everyone had a phone. Through this interaction, they introduced me to the ThinOptics Universal Pod. These were available in a white or black case and contained a pair of reading glasses in +1.5, +2.0, or +2.5 strengths. Each of the listed strengths covered roughly 0.25 above and below the listed number. The largest benefit to this device is the sticky adhesive strip on the rear of the pod. This allows you to not have to carry another bulky glasses case, rather you can simply carry your glasses with your phone (or any hard/flat surface). They tested their device and found the optimal material and optimal build, to suit just about everybody. The result was a winning product that delivered upon its promises.

This year at CES, ThinOptics introduced a variety of options. They introduced new frame colors (Crystal Clear, Jet Black, Azure Blue, Amethyst Purple and Espresso brown) to suit your interest. Now you can customize your ensemble with the same amazing features: ultra-thin case, ultra-flexible titanium alloy, featherlight frames (about the weight of a nickel), full sized shatterproof lenses (polycarbonate), and stable/comfortable nose pads. When combined with the above colors and the above lens strengths, very few people should feel left out. In fact, they increased the number of options for the case itself. Choose from Rose, silver or gray with a white or black accent. If you do not know which optical strength you need, ThinOptics has provided a sample eye test, to help you find the right strength for you.

For those who may forget their phone, or who choose to not use the Universal pod, ThinOptics provides a few additional options. First, they provide a bumper case option. Through their website, you can choose the color of frame (same as above) and the variety of phone: iPhone 7 plus/7, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s plus, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5/5s/SE, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung or Galaxy S6. If the case is not suitable for your device or if you are not interested in this particular option, ThinOptics also has a really neat keychain option. The keychain expands the availability and keeps the nearly indestructible glasses safe and on your keyring. This is yet another option to make sure that you have glasses when you need them.

The prices of the devices are very reasonable, costing ~$20 for a universal pod (+2 glasses of the same or different color), ~$25 for the keychain (+2 glasses of the same or different color), and ~$30 for the phone case (+2 glasses of the same or different color). If you need to replace the case, you can do this as well. Black or White cases can be obtained for about $5. You can also purchase the more specialized colors for about $10: Metal Rose and Black, Metal Rose and White, Metal Gold and Black, Metal Gold and White, Metal Silver and Black, Metal Silver and White or Metal Grey and White. You can also get another keychain case for about $10.

The ThinOptic lenses are incredibly durable and this is the reason that they have a lifetime warranty. This does not cover accidental damage/loss or theft but will protect from defect, workmanship and or failure from normal use. Additionally, if you add a minimum of $40 to your cart, you will benefit from free shipping to both domestic and international locations.

If these features were not enough, ThinOptics goes one step further and really attempts to give back to the community. Many people are aware of the plight of the homeless and for some artists. To help struggling homeless artists, ThinOptics has partnered with the ArtLifting program. This program provides an avenue for homeless artists to make a living. The way the program works, artists design ThinOptics cases and 20% of net profit returns to the Artlifting program. The ArtLifting website provides an avenue for the sale of paintings, prints, and products. 55% of proceeds returns to the artist, 1% and the remaining money furthers the mission of the program.

Since the inception in 2013 by Liz Powers, the ArtLifting company has grown from 4 to 72 artists and now involves 11 states. As a student at Harvard, she received a grant to create art groups in homeless shelters. She noted the fantastic abilities of these individuals and created ArtLifting to share the works and the stories with the world. The digital marketplace drastically increases the reach of the artist and thus has the power to transform their future. The fact that ThinOptics has joined this mission is absolutely extraordinary.

I would highly encourage you to check out the ThinOptics website and more specifically the ThinOptics ArtLifting site.

Find ThinOPTICS on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at on February 27, 2017.



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