Ten Gadgets Under $50

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It can be difficult to navigate the sea of endless products out there. Because of that, we put our heads together and compiled a list of ten tech gadgets under $50.

I like to keep high capacity batteries handy because you never know when you will be without access to a power outlet. The Anker Advantage battery has a lot of advantages over other power banks in its class. It features PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to deliver a quick charge. It does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.

Retail Price: $40

This handy home automated product allows you to control any device you have with your phone. Switch is a HomeKit-enabled connected plug. It plugs into your regular wall outlet and then your home devices plug into it. Switch sort of acts as a pass-through for the wall outlet’s power, but before it sends power to your device, your phone has to tell it what to do. It’s designed to make it easier to control the devices in your home (15 amps or less) like lamps, fans, crockpots, space heaters, etc. from anywhere using Siri or the iDevices Connected app.

Retail Price: $28

This is an awesome inexpensive way to keep cables organized. CableClips are available in different colors and sizes. They are ideal for shortening or storing cables.

Retail Price: $10

If there is one thing everyone could use it’s an easy way to clean our smart phones. This option for a touchscreen cleaner is liquid free and the perfect size for iPhones, Samsung phones, smart watches, and tablets. It’s reusable and washable with cold water. The Mini iRoller will remove finger smudges, dust, and debris.

Retail Price: $17

Because everyone’s ears are shaped just a little differently, sometimes you need an added accessory for your EarPods (or AirPods) to keep them from falling out of your ears. The EarBuddyz 2.0 are designed to cover the ear piece of your Apple AirPods and should comfortably grip your ear to keep you from having to constantly adjust them.

Retail Price: $11

The Flipstick from TYLT is just want its full name suggests — a powerful portable battery for all your charging needs. The device is a 3,350 mAh power bank with built-in cables. It’s about the size of a small flashlight — the kind you would keep in your car for emergencies — and it has a soft silicone feel. Because the battery pack is designed to work with a smartphone, it has a 1A input/output. You have a choice between a Lightning, Micro USB, or a USB-C cable for charging your devices. The Micro USB version is $30 while the other two types are $40 each.

Retail Price: $40

The iBT76 speaker is a color changing Bluetooth speaker that streams audio wirelessly from any of your mobile devices. It has a speakerphone included that includes a built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and phone call answer/end controls. The iBT76 even features Audio Caller ID (from Apple devices running iOS 10 or later). There are five different color modes to accompany your audio entertainment. The iBT74 speaker weighs under one pound and comes equipped with a carrying strap so it can go with you wherever you go.

Retail Price: $43

This impressive flash drive is an inexpensive option for pocket-sized mass storage. The 64GB flash drive is USB 3.0 compatible and transfers data very quickly. It has a swivel cover which helps prevent dust and dirt from clogging the drive. The cover locks into place and ships with some pre-loaded PC software.

Retail Price: $28

The LoDo Laptop Attache has a classic style and is suitable for any occassion. It has three different color choices and will fit laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. The bag is made from high-quality cotton canvas and just feels wonderful. It’s very sturdy and soft to the touch. The main compartment has a double zippered closure and that the zipper doesn’t stick. It’s very easy to open and close when you want and secures your belongings when you want it to stay closed. The LoDo Laptop Attache has everything you need from a classic messenger bag.

Retail Price: $30

The Mighty Mug is a portable drink mug that uses specialized technology to keep it from tipping over. The mug is made with double-wall plastic and is car cup holder friendly. It’s dishwasher safe and has an easy grip top that twists into the mug securely to prevent your drink from sloshing out. The ‘magic’ comes from the Smartgrip technology on the bottom of the mug. It’s very similar to a suction cup and it keeps the mug from being knocked over. The Mighty Mug will sit securely on any surface and suction itself to it. It cannot be knocked over if you bump into it and the only way to release the suction is if you purposely lift the mug straight up from its resting place.

Retail Price: $22

Originally published at macsources.com on August 18, 2017.



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