Tech21 Evo Wave Case for iPhone X REVIEW

4 min readApr 19, 2018

I’m a minimalist at heart. I believe in using accessories for a purpose and not just because they are ‘cool’. Therefore, when it comes to products like phone cases, I’m very picky. I tend to prefer keeping my phone ‘naked’ and trusting that the engineers who designed it knew what they were doing. It was meant to be used — so I use it as intended. I currently have an iPhone X but I’ve had this philosophy for years. Plus, I hate covering up the natural design of the phone.

That said, I do see the merit of having a case on a phone because these days, they are more than a communication device — they are a financial investment. So, a few months ago at CES, I tried to keep my eyes open for cases that would fit my need for a minimalist design, but also provide superior protection for my iPhone. Tech21 is an accessory company that provides a harmonious product that works with your device and offers advanced impact protection. With this in mind, I decided to give the Evo Wave Case for iPhone X a try.


The design of the case is inspired by the natural movement of water and has unique lines imprinted into the interior of the case so that the reflection moves like water. The Evo Wave comes in two colors Burgundy and Teal. I have the Burgundy version and I must say that it’s actually closer to a pink than a deep red color. The case is a bumper/cover style and provides 10-foot drop protection. This promise is backed by scientifically proven data.

The case has three main layers to it that ensure your phone has maximum protection. These layers spread out and absorb the impact energy, which stops it from passing through to your phone and causing damage. The layers include:

  • Outer shell — cushions impact
  • Skeletal frame — spreads impact energy
  • FlexShock — absorbs remaining impact energy

The case is thin and lightweight only adding 43 grams to your phone when it’s installed. Because of the way it’s built, the Evo Wave is compatible with wireless charging and you have comfortable and easy access to all ports and functions.


Even though the case is designed for impact protection, it’s incredibly flexible. Therefore, installation was a piece of cake. I simply placed the upper lefthand corner (with the volume buttons) into the case and then snapped the rest of the case around the corners of the phone. Removing it was just as easy, but while it was on the phone, it was tight and secure. The button coverings did not impede my ability to use the buttons and everything was still quite responsive. There is a nice lip of protection on the front for the screen and the cutout for the camera lens is perfect. I hate to say this because its so cliche, but this case fits the iPhone X like a glove.

I liked how easy the case was installed on the phone and that if I wanted to remove it, I wasn’t frustrated because it was stuck. The only thing I didn’t really like about this case was that it was slick. I actually felt the phone move around more in my hand with the case on then I did if I was holding the phone with no case on it. This actually caused me to remove it rather quickly after testing the case out. I did find that as far as impact protection goes, it seems to do a pretty good job. I did some minor drop tests (about 3 feet) and found that my phone was protected quite well and the case was left unscathed.


The Evo Wave Case for iPhone X is a really nice compromise between no case and total impact protection. It’s very easy to install and has a simple, classy look to it. I would love to see tech21 provide more color options for this case along with a tad more traction but I think many people will find this to be just what they are looking for.

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