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6 min readNov 7, 2022

Get A Competitive Edge the TCP Pro Modified PS5 Controller

Anyone who’s ever played a video game can tell you that the right controller is crucial to a good gaming experience. For some people, that means a standard controller that comes with the console. For others, it means a custom controller.

A custom controller for gaming can provide a number of advantages over a standard controller. First, a custom controller can be designed to fit the specific needs of the gamer. This can include adding extra buttons or changing the layout of the existing buttons to better suit the gamer’s style of play. Second, a custom controller can be built with higher quality components than a standard controller, resulting in a more durable and longer-lasting product.

There are a few ways to get a custom gaming controller. One way is to buy one that is already made by the original manufacturer (i.e. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2). Another way is to find a third-party company that makes custom controllers such as The Controller People.

About The Controller People

The Controller People is a gaming company founded in 2016 in London, England. They focus on providing the best gaming experience possible by designing customized modifications for Sony Playstation controllers. Their products are designed by professional gamers and they are constantly innovating solutions to meet the needs of the gaming community.

The Controller People have a variety of services including pro controllers, pre-made PS5 controllers, and the option to customize your own personal controller. The two Pro-level controllers they offer are the TCP Pro and the TCP Ultimate. This review is focusing on the TCP Pro.

Main Features

The standard PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller is the base of the TCP Pro controller from The Controller People. It has a built-in microphone and headset jack along with a built-in battery, integrated speaker, motion sensor, and a create button. The TCP Pro…




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