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4 min readJan 26, 2018


When I picked up my TASCAM audio recorder for CES I never really thought about how I would carry it around with me. I sort of just figured I would just toss it in my camera bag and that’s exactly what I ended up doing, too. The problem with this is that it got bumped and jostled around quite a bit so, by the end of the week, it had taken a pretty good beating. Most of my gear I am able to keep looking brand new because I really take care of it but my poor TASCAM really did not have much of a shot the week of CES.

Since I’ve been home from the show, I decided to invest in a travel case for the audio recorder and came across this Tech Travel Pouch from T-area. While it has a very odd name, It is the right size for my audio recorder. Even though my intended use is for my TASCAM recorder, the case is suitable for MP3 players, power banks, charging cables, earphones, and any number of technology devices. It measures 7.8 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches and has “T-Area” stamped on it in green along with the T-Area logo. “T-Area” is also emblazoned on the zipper pull. The case is only available in one color — black — and is rectangular in style.

This case is quite durable. It’s a hard case with polyurethane padded material on the exterior. The case has an invisible waterproof zipper and is graded as ‘water resistant’ throughout. There is a black carabiner attached in case you want to snap it onto a larger case or backpack for travel. The case is very lightweight and according to the product description on Amazon, it’s only 9.9 ounces. The overall first impression of the case was good except for an odd odor that it contained. It was relatively strong at first but has since dissipated.

The audio recorder fits perfectly in this case. It slides into the side with an elastic band in place and then its charging cable is stored on the opposite side. One thing I did notice was that I had to slide my audio recorder to one side of the case so that the cable wouldn’t push up against it when I closed the case. I think this is something that users need to be cautious of since it’s a hard shell case.

While I think this case will do a good job at what it’s designed to do, I found it very strange that it was shipped in such a strong container. The outer box, which you can see in the photos, is reinforced, a protective box that closes with magnets. This is the style of box you would see something like a smartphone in or other small expensive electronics shipped in. The company had to pay a pretty penny for the box and I feel that it’s straight up overkill to ship something like this in it. Honestly, I find the hard cardboard box it was shipped in to be a waste of resources for something as small and tough as the crush resistant case is. The manufacturer could have simply shipped this tech case inside a padded shipping envelope and saved a lot of money.

For the retail price of around $14, I think this tech case is a good buy. I would recommend it to others and suggest using the protective packaging to store other devices in.

You can find it on Amazon at the link below.


Originally published at macsources.com on January 26, 2018.




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