SwitchEasy MagMount Car Mount 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

4 min readJul 19, 2022

Car Mount provides secure hands-free experience for your iPhone 12/13.


The SwitchEasy MagMount arrived in a 3 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches thick by 3 1/8 inches tall hanging-style retail package. The black-colored cover panel served as the perfect backdrop for the white-font company name along the top left, the metallic-silver product name along the top right of the main viewing window, and the “Bracket Version” sticker along the bottom left of the panel.

Despite the play on contrasting colors, the panel’s main focus was the metallic rimmed window and the view of the device. Like the cover’s color scheme, the circular magnetic mount played on the light/dark pattern with outer silver rims and central black segments. The left side panel provided an additional viewing portal to observe the side of the magnetic mount. Additionally, the panel provided two exploded images of the device.

The top image showed the MagSafe ring, vent mount, and compatibility with included MagSafe iPhone 12 Series. The lower image showed an opposite view of the mount/ring and showed the ability to upgrade older devices with the included magnetic sheet. The windows provided significant information about the product and enhanced the included pictures. Finally, you will find product manufacturing labels, the www.SwitchEasy.com website address, and trademark information.

The right side panel provided dual oblique images of the magnetic mount surface, the vent clip, the silver-on-black target-shaped design, and a clear view of the aluminum frame. Beneath the images, you will find three product-defining features (versatile 360-degree rotation design, strong magnetic attraction to prevent head-dipping, and airframe grade aluminum construction) and a list of product contents.

The rear panel provided a large photo-quality, color-filled image of the SwitchEasy vent mount during phone placement, a QR code user guide, SKU barcode, and information about the Silver MagMount bracket version. Lastly, the upper white-colored…


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