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5 min readJul 12, 2022

Make any phone MagSafe mount-compatible.

If you are unfamiliar with the FOMO movement, let me explain a bit about the fear of missing out. As a Xennial, I was able to experience an analog childhood like my parents but grew into a tech-filled adolescent and adult life. Those born between 1978–1984 truly experienced the portmanteau that Sarah Stankorb coined in 2004 for someone who was not solely Generation X or Millennial, but something unique.

We grew up alongside the home/portable gaming consoles, home/laptop computers, witnessed the birth and expansion of smartphone technology, and enjoyed so much more. With the march of tech over time, it often can be challenging to keep up. Here is where the FOMO truly sets in.

Each year, Apple releases its newest lines of iPhone, Apple Watch, provides iOS updates, and other new or upgraded devices. Even though Apple moved to MagSafe charging for their iPhone 12 lines in 2020, many people still enjoy older generation iPhones, and some with MagSafe incompatible cases. When asked, my friends/family state that their iPhones still work well and they do not yet require an upgrade.

Even though wired charging is quicker and more efficient, I like to use wireless charging to keep my iPhone 13 Pro Max up and running. I thus have found MagSafe wireless charging to be quite convenient. For those who are on the fence about upgrading or may have a non-MagSafe-friendly case, consider picking up a MAGDOKA disc to enjoy the plethora of mounting options.


The SwitchEasy MagDoka Disc arrived in a 3 5/8 inches wide by 4 3/4 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick hanging style retail package. The front panel listed the company name and product name along the top left, a yellow universal compatibility icon along the top right, and six MagSafe Accessory icons along the bottom of the panel (car mount, Wall Mount, Wallet, stand/charger, speaker, and more).

The main focal point of the cover panel was the image of the clear oblique case with an attached…




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