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4 min readJun 12, 2017

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If you were alive when cell phones became commonplace, in the mid-1990’s, you experienced the generic mass produced cellphones. None of us likely could have predicted the devices we see today. Despite similar technologies, speeds, features, and shapes of modern smart devices, you can still obtain a variety of accessories to customize your device. Whether you want formal or fabulous, plain or pizzazz, functional or flippant, there are accessories for every taste. These accessories have carried over to the Apple Watch as well.

Kurt Walchle, the CEO/President of Survival Straps, runs a company of just over 20 employees. With roughly a decade of business history, this company has worked incredibly hard to make high-quality, “MADE IN THE USA” products, while giving back to First Responders, Wounded Veterans, and Active Duty Military. With any business, you hope to make a profit. I find it amazing and awe-inspiring when companies like Survival Straps use their strength, compassion and service mindedness to raise large sums of money for charity. In fact, Survival Straps has raised and donated over $1 million dollars.

The Survival Straps arrived in a clear plastic bag, with a brag tag (business card) and an instruction manual. Before you order the strap, you will need to measure your wrist size to the closest 1/2 inch. If you are uncertain or between sizes, you may consider to round down. Each strap has a marine grade 316 stainless steel shackle and clasp. For your convenience and for added comfort, each of the clasps has 3 holes to choose from. This will allow you to have the correct fit for your wrist and to maintain functionality of the watch sensors. The company is proud of their product and uses the highest quality of materials. The connection point with the Apple Watch is made of stainless steel and is available in silver or black, to best match your watch. Whatever your taste, you can choose from a rainbow of colors of 550 paracords, type III cord.

Available for both the 38mm or 42mm watch, generation 1 or generation 2, survival straps wants you to have a very customized experience. Despite the customization, the root goal of the accessory is to add a potential survival function. Each strap contains roughly 12 feet of military grade, type III paracord, which has a 550 lb breaking limit. Let me be clear, this is not climbing rope, this is not designed to carry your weight (alone). It was designed as a single strand combined with multiple cords in a parachute. Climbing rope is more durable and has a much higher breaking point. Please do not rely solely on this cord to hold your weight. One may think if they weigh less than 550 lb that this should hold you. This rating is for static weight and does not take into account any angular load or dynamic stressors. If you are interested in learning more about paracord, consider reviewing the information from Ramblin’ Jim.

Similar to other Type III paracord, each strand is composed of an outer nylon sheath and 7 internal nylon filaments. You can further unwrap each of the 7 braided internal filaments into their 2–3 single strands. Use this as sewing material for your tent/gear, use it is a fishing line or for lashing. With the right knots, which hold well with the stretchy nylon material, you can gain a significant amount of length even from a small section of cordage. With the light weight of this strap, you can easily fulfill one of Dave Canterbury’s 5 C of survival (cutting tool, combustion, cordage, cover, container). Now, you can dress for work and never leave home without a good bit of paracord.

The strap is comfortable and has the added benefit of being waterproof. It is a little stiff when you get it, but the manual says the strap is like a good pair of jeans, the more you wear them the more the comfort. The cord will not float and really adds no protection to your Apple Watch. I would have liked to have seen a silicone bezel bumper, which you can purchase separately. The company allows you to add an active edge technology, which promises performance, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory properties. I still do not understand the technology and how one can embed electromagnetic frequency into a device. A quick internet search did not provide much additional science for how the system reports to activate your sympathetic immune system to provide the above benefits. There are many testimonials stating that the device may work. I will thus leave this for you to decide on your own.

It took about 2 minutes to undo the cordage from one side of the strap. I had a 7″ and a 7.5″ and found that the 7″ was more to the size of my wrist. Honestly, I could have done with a 6.5″ strap as the 3 holes will allow you to let-it-out a little. Each strand is just about 6 feet long for a total of 12 feet of cord. There are 7 internal filaments with 2 strands each. The strap is comfortable and pleasing both visually and functionally. The company provides quality gear and also does a great job giving back. The very last section of the manual provides you with a card detailing your name, address, phone and email. In an emergency situation, you can deploy the internal strands for your needs. If used, send them your story and pictures of how you used the strap, they will send you a new strap for only a $5 shipping charge. I have really enjoyed the survival strap and would recommend you review their site for further options. They have straps for just about every taste and for most of the modern watches/trackers.

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