Super-Stretch Selfie Straps 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

3 min readSep 14

Wrap up your cables and declutter your personal space with Super-Stretch Selfie Straps.

Even though my wife and I find ourselves on opposite ends of the tech-loving/tolerating coin, we agree on one major tenet: cords and cable clutter are a nuisance. As a technophile, I like to adopt new technologies/devices, and enjoy learning/gaining new functions/opportunities. Our home has several Apple TVs and gaming consoles attached to our televisions, various iterations of Alexa, essential oil diffusers, and other devices like Linksys Velop mesh nodes.

When you consider iPhone, iPad, MacBook charging cables, hoverboards, and other kids’ toys, our outlets resemble Medusa’s hair. Like Perseus’ tricks at dealing with the Gorgon, I employ the magic of hook-loop cable straps to control/slay the cable menace.


The Wrap-It Storage Super-Stretch Selfie Straps arrived in a matte black 7 5/16 inches long by 5 1/4 inches wide by 11/16 inches thick retail package. The cover, top, bottom, and both side panels displayed a yellow/black Wrap-IT storage logo with bright highlighter-yellow accents. I enjoyed the variety, the dark background, and the play on contrasting colors. However, I do not believe the logo should have been imprinted on each surface. The rear panel provided a large white sticker on a black background.

The upper segment of the panel provided a yellow accented product name, a quaint humanized statement about the strap, and two product feature descriptors (1. Stays Attached. 2. Super-Stretch Material). The mid/lower segment provided a helpful three-step how-to (1. Loop and secure the yellow tab around the cord. 2. Wrap the cord with a soft loop side of the strap facing out. 3. Pull snugly and attach), and dual images portraying a wrapped cable, and an extremely organized, junk drawer. Lastly, the panel’s right edge provided a small image depicting the twelve 6" black straps, an SKU barcode, Wrap-IT logo, @WrapItStorage, address information, and a QR code.


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