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Stealtho Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels


Absolutely ‘magical’ replacement wheels for office chairs.

For many years now, I’ve been the ‘destructor of office chairs’ around our house. I’ve also been the person who uses the most hand-me-down office chairs. If you’ve ever had a chair at the end of its life cycle, you will understand that the wheels are the first thing to go. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a quality replacement wheel that can not only match the previous wheel, but also be sturdy and hold up to standard use over time. When I heard about Stealtho’s Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels, I thought they were too good to be true.


The Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels are designed to save floors. They are made with high-tech elastic polyurethane and will not mark or scratch up hardwood floors. The wheels are also considered “barrier-free” as they will easily roll over obstacles like cables and thresholds. A universal 7/16" x 7/8" stem is used to ensure an easy, worry-free installation on your existing chair. The wheels feature an aviation steel body that withstands up to 660 pounds. They are designed with an ABEC 9 Bearing for quiet, smooth rolling. As an added bonus, the wheels will also glow in the dark so that you can easily find your chair at night.


  • Support skirt
  • Two thrust ball bearings
  • Cr-Mo Steel Body
  • Precise Steel Axel
  • ABEC-9 Bearing (used in the most expensive skate boards)
  • Wear-resistant polyurethane
  • Luminophor — can glow in the dark


I’m not a stranger when it comes to removing and installing replacement wheels on office chairs. But, I’m also not a fan of it. I have to admit that the Stealtho wheels made the installation process very easy. We recently added the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 to our office furniture collection and the Magic Wheels from Stealtho seemed like a nice compliment to it. The original wheels for the Autonomous chair were the standard plastic wheels that come with most office/desk/computer chairs. The casters were working fine, but we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to test out the Stealtho wheels with this amazing desk chair. I pulled the original wheels off and then pushed the Magic wheels into the caster holes on the base of the chair. Installation was done within about 5 minutes.

The first test we ran was to see how smooth the chair rolled around in our office. The flooring in our office is a plush carpet so we have heavy-duty chair mats beneath our chairs since standard chair wheels tend to tear up carpet. Stealtho wheels are marketed to not cut through carpet the same way plastic wheels do. So, we tried out the chair with the Magic wheels installed and found that the wheels seemed to play nicely with the thick carpet in our office. The wheels didn’t get stuck and the chair rolled around as easily as it does on a hard floor surface. This is thrilling to us because the chair mats constantly get torn up and we have to go through the hassle of replacing them. The Stealtho Magic Wheels might be the long-term answer to our chair mat woes in addition to making moving around easier in the office.

Stealtho claims that the wheels will glow in the dark. I have not seen them do this yet. It doesn’t mean that it won’t — it just means that they probably aren’t charged enough yet from the lights in the office. According to product information, the ‘glowing’ will occur after being charged for 15 minutes by daylight and 1..5 hours by room lighting. There is a note that states that energy-saving lamps will charge to a lesser degree and that users won’t notice the glowing instantly when you turn the light off.

The Stealtho Magic Wheels roll around quite easily on any surface. I have to admit that I was a little concerned that the angle of how they are designed would be a factor in their stability, but I’m happy to say that they have been incredible and have really improved the use of the chair overall. One issue that we were having was that we had the chair raised as high as it would go, but wanted a little additional height. The Stealtho wheels made that possible because they actually sit higher than the standard wheels that came with it.


The Stealtho Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels are more than a ‘replacement’ wheel. I would happily swap out ANY standard wheels for the Stealtho wheels from the moment I start using a chair from now on. I admit that I’m hard on wheels and computer chairs so it’s great that there is such a strong alternative to the cheap, plastic replacement wheels you can typically find at office supply stores. One of my favorite things about these magic wheels is their very affordable price (approximately $40 for a set of 5 wheels — at the time of publishing this review).

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