Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW

I struggle a lot with discomfort while I work. I’m sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and then in the evening, I’m in a chair for another 5–6 hours. It’s tough. I do get up every hour or so and move around but I still suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain because of the sheer amount of sitting I do. For a long time at work, I had a ‘used’ chair. It had been there from the previous occupant of my job and being a nonprofit, we use what we have. I eventually got a newer used chair when the casters on my old one broke off, but its stuffing was so poor that I had no support for my back at all. So, I found myself searching for a new office chair and I landed on the Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 from Spieltek as a solid option.



Adjustable Seat Height: 15–17.5” (38.1–44.75 cm) Seat Width: 15” (38.1 cm) Seat Depth: 23.25” (59 cm) Desk Clearance: 26” (66 cm) Max Weight Supported: 330 lb (150 kg) Caster Size: 3” (75 mm)

Weight: 60 lb (27 kg)


Next, you will secure the wheelbase of the chair to the seat using the bolts that are stored in the metal frame of the chair. After those two pieces are tightened down, you can pop the wheels into the 5-point wheel frame. Finally, you please the top chair assembly into the wheel frame. After about 30 minutes, the chair is ready to use. One of the things I really appreciate about the Speiltek chair is that the arms were already attached. That is something I usually struggle with for one reason or another. So, I was relieved to see them already attached.

The Bandit XL Gaming Chair is a hefty chair. It weighs approximately 60 pounds and will hold up to 330 pounds. This is one of the features about it that makes it “XL”. It’s designed to hold bigger people. The seat base of the chair is also wider than standard desk chairs. In my opinion, even people aren’t bigger can benefit from a wider chair base because I feel like the weight is distributed better than ones with a smaller seat. Some of the other features that I really enjoy and benefit from are the tilt and recline functions. The entire seat can tilt or remain stationary with a flip of the tilt lock. The back will recline independently of the tilt function, which is very nice when you need to rest your back from being at 90 degrees all day.


For more information, visit spieltekgaming.com.


Originally published at macsources.com on October 12, 2018.

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