SpiderPro Camera Holster REVIEW Top Notch Camera Gear to Own

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I’ve been using a DSLR as my primary camera for quite some time now and have many of different types of accessories for it. Some include straps that hang my camera around my neck while others act as a sling for easy carrying. While there is nothing wrong with these types of straps, I find that they take a toll on me physically. After extended use with my quick sling, I find that my neck and shoulder are both fatigued. With that said I’m excited that I found the SpiderPro Camera Holster. The device rests on your side like a Wild West gun belt. In fact, the first time I put it on, I wanted to say, “Reach for the sky!” I refrained from doing so, but still, the urge was there.

SpiderPro consists of two main parts — the belt with holster and the SpiderPro Plate that attaches to your camera. Spider Holster doesn’t specify exactly what the belt is made out of, but the webbing is similar to what the military and police use for their harness systems. The plate is made from stainless steel and a hardened aluminum cast. It’s rugged and durable. SpiderPro’s belt is adjustable. You snap it on over pants right at the hip. There is a quick release latch for the ball-joint system so you can easily slide the camera into and out of the holster. It has a flip lock that will ensure that you don’t knock your camera out and onto the floor by accident. Spider Holster’s mission is to get the camera from your hip to your hands in a flash and SpiderPro makes that happen.

The SpiderPro Camera Holster — like all the Spider Holster products — are made by and designed for photographers. As such, the main cares and concerns that you as a photographer might have, are the same ones that the crew at Spider Holster has. That’s what makes this design so clever. The designers knew that always carrying gear on the upper body was cumbersome, so they found a better way. The SpiderPro is designed to take the weight off your spine and distribute weight evenly across the hips. The best part about this design? It works! When I’m using the SpiderPro I feel like I can walk around with my camera all day long. This is something while using other straps I would have never wanted to do, even when planning a day trip specifically to take photos.

Before the SpiderPro became a part of my camera system, I only take what I absolutely needed with me on location. Usually, I would just toss the gear in a bag. This made it less accessible while I was shooting. In addition to that, because I would toss my camera into my bag between set-ups, I’m sure I missed things along the way that would have been great to shoot. Keeping the camera in my SpiderPro holster so it’s ‘at the ready’ at any time is a great benefit for on-location shoots. Thanks to the camera holster I don’t feel weighed down and I can pull the camera off my side in seconds to get that special shot I would have missed before.

I was a little hesitant to start using the SpiderPro regularly. I didn’t know how it would feel. Would it feel bulky or would I feel the urge to immediately remove it when I was done? I can happily say that SpiderPro is actually very comfortable. When getting into my truck I was able to slip the camera off the holster, hand it to my passenger, and then slide into the driver’s seat without the holster getting in the way of my seatbelt or causing me any discomfort. I also found that when walking around with the SpiderPro on I don’t really notice it much. It’s a wide belt so it never feels like it’s folding over and digging in. I also don’t feel like the camera bounces around excessively.

I’m super proud to have the SpiderPro Camera Holster in my arsenal of camera accessories. One downside to the SpiderPro camera holster is I’m taking more photos, so my hard drive space is going to need an upgrading. That’s not a problem that’s bad to have. The SpiderPro holster is a great accessory for any DSLR photographer no matter what your specialty is. Spider Holster has many different styles of holster for different styles of cameras. They even make accessories for the belt so that you can carry extra lenses with you. I’m looking forward to using the SpiderPro as a regular part of my camera gear.

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Originally published at macsources.com on March 10, 2017.



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