Specter Wireless ELUX Wireless Premium Sports Headphones REVIEW

4 min readMar 8, 2017

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I appreciate a good set of headphones. They help me to concentrate and block out distractions that are occurring around me. There are times that I want to have 100% noise cancellation, but for the most part, partial isolation is best because I need to hear what is going on in my home office environment. I always have people calling out to me and I need to be able to hear them when they do. I recently came across the ELUX Wireless Headphones from Specter Wireless and have really taken a liking to them.

The ELUX headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.1 and offer wireless connectivity up to 33 feet. They offer premium sound isolation with embedded CSR’s industry-leading cVc technology to ensure the best possible sound quality by filtering out the unnecessary ambiance. The ELUX were designed to provide an accessory among the upper-echelon of fitness fashion. They are ‘sports’ headphones and as such, they are weather resistant (IP7 water resistant) and built to withstand heavy use — even from athletes.

Getting Started
These headphones proved to be a bit of challenge for me. Even though I’ve tested out dozens of headphones — and they all have the same basic functionality — I admit that I was a little lost when I was trying to get started with the ELUX headphones. All of the buttons are located on the right earpiece and all of the functions are completed through the multifunction button and the volume up/down buttons. Since the ELUX headphones are classified as ‘sports’ headphones, I like the simplicity that these controls offer. I did, however, have to look up how to use the controls in the manual before I could just start using them.

The headphones pair quite easily to smartphones. I connected them to my iPhone 7 and it was easily done within a few seconds. The instructions suggest that you might have to enter a passcode in order to pair, but with the iPhone, it wasn’t necessary. My ELUX headphones came with more than 70% battery charged so I didn’t have to charge them for quite a while. The Specter Wireless website states that there is a 12+ hour battery life and I’ve not used the headphones for that long of a stretch yet.

Personal Use
My use of these headphones has been limited to ‘stationary’ use as I’ve not had the chance to be active with them yet. That said, I’ve found them to be very comfortable and lightweight (weight 145g). With them being sports headphones I would have loved the earpieces to have some sort of breathable fabric on for the covering. My ears have gotten a bit warm during standard use, so I can only imagine how they will feel after a workout with them.

The headband is quite soft. It isn’t overly padded, but it rests easily on my head so it’s comfortable for me. I did find that part of the headband started pulling away from the frame of the headphones after only two uses. I was able to push it back into the frame, but that was a little concerning to me considering that these are designed to be worn during sporting activities.

The sound quality of the ELUX is actually quite impressive. They feature dynamic drivers powered by Qualcomm’s patented aptX technology so that you get wired-quality sound from a wireless device. I happen to have a set of high-quality wired headphones in my possession so I tested the ELUX side-by-side and found that the ELUX stood up fairly well to the wired headphones. I listen to Pandora Radio frequently so it’s usually what I use to test out headphones. I know what its supposed to sound like so it’s a good opportunity for new products to shine.

The ELUX really made the music sound great. I tuned into a station I set up that primarily plays instrumental music and found that all the highs and lows were right where they should be. I switched off to a 90s hip-hop station that frequently plays bass-heavy tracks. I was impressed by how even the music sounded. The bass is automatically dialed up in those tracks and some headphones that are ‘bass-enhanced’ end up muddying the tracks down. The ELUX headphones made it sound like it should.

The ELUX wireless sports headphones are a nice choice for premium-grade headphones at a moderate price. I’ve need headphones similar to the ELUX provided for double and sometimes triple the price that the ELUX are offered for. They provide a consistent, beautiful sound in a comfortable package.

For more information, visit specterwireless.com/elux
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