Specter AQSTIX Waterproof Wireless Speaker REVIEW

  • IP67 waterproof rating (up to three feet)
  • Acts as speakerphone — answer calls with a touch of a button
  • Advanced Bluetooth chipset for flawless wireless connectivity up to 50 feet
  • Rugged — shockproof with a rubberized coating
  • Long-lasting battery — up to 10 hours of playtime and 180 hours of standby time
  • Supports NFC, Micro SD Card, Siri, Android Voice Calls, Aux-in, earphone out
  • Music: Pandora is my music streaming app of choice. I have several stations set up, as I’m sure most people do, for different moods and attitudes I might be in. Typically when I test out or start using a new Bluetooth Speaker I play a few songs on three of my stations — No Diggity Radio (mostly 90s hip-hop), Cold Play Radio (alternative, modern rock), and Wicked Radio (broadway show tunes). This provides me with a nice range of music for testing. The 90s Hip-Hop had some really great bass to it. The sound was deep and rich. The broadway station and alternative rock stations had similar results.



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