soundpeats trueshift2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review | MacSources

Enjoy a comfortable wireless experience, without breaking the bank.

The Soundpeats TRUESHIFT2 wireless earbuds arrived in a 4 3/16 inches wide by 4 13/16 inches tall by 1 11/16 inches thick retail package. The front panel displayed the Soundpeats logo along the top, the TRUESHIFT2 product name along the bottom, and a 1 1/2 inches tall photo-quality image of the front/back surface of the earbuds. The white-colored right-side panel listed the SOUNDPEATS name, while the left panel provided a vivid, blue-heavy, panel of a young, physically fit, male-model wearing the “SOUND FOR URBAN SPORTS” TRUESHIFT2 earbuds. The back panel provided the TRUESHIFT2 name, the company address, multiple product manufacturing labels along the bottom. Along the top, in an apparent homage to the Yin-Yang symbol, the company provided an attractive dark/light image of the Soundpeats charging case and earbud. I removed the outer white slipcover, lifted the lid, and was immediately impressed with the company design. The inner flap provided a sticker with three QR codes (Facebook, Website, LINE (JP)), and provided four bulleted factoids about the product (Up to 21 months warranty, Free Trial Privilege, Latest Product Promotion’s, Prost Social Online Service). To continue the black-on-black color palette, the 3 3/4 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches tall matte-black Soundpeats charging case was seen resting within darker blacker form cut foam. Just above the foam, I found a 4 1/2 inches long by 1 3/8 inches wide by 3/4 inches thick cardboard box with accessories (12 3/4 inches long USB-A to USB-C cable, ear tips, ear wings). I set the case, the accessory box, and the foam layer aside and removed the charging tips panel, customer care card, a business card with a 30% off, and the multi-lingual instruction manual (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and two-character languages that I was unable to identify.)

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