Soundcore Mini 2 Pocket Bluetooth Speaker by Anker REVIEW

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that all products are not created equal. One power bank from Company A may have the same specs as Company B, but Company B’s battery is more efficient and doesn’t overheat like Company A’s. This is something I’ve learned the hard way, but the lesson to be learned is that some companies still take pride in their work. One such company is Anker. Anker has built a reputation for designing and creating products that help you stay charged and connected to all your devices. Recently, they have decided to branch out and start working on other types of products like Bluetooth speakers. Since they have become one of my favorite companies over the past few years, I’ve been very excited to try out their newest line of products like the Soundcore Mini 2.


Just a little shorter than a can of soda, the Soundcore Mini 2 is the ultimate compact speaker. Its tiny but mighty and it provides a powerful sound despite its small form. The speaker has a 6W driver and a passive subwoofer. It has an impressive 15-hour battery life and can charge to full capacity within 2–3 hours thanks to Anker’s battery technologies. Using Bluetooth 4.2, the Soundcore Mini 2 has a 66-foot connection range. The Soundcore Mini 2 boasts a special BassUp Technology that boosts the bass and you have the power to pair two Soundcore Mini 2 speakers together for a larger stereo sound. The speaker is rated IPX7 which means that it will be protected against water jets and waves.


A user-friendly device starts with its packaging. Something as simple as a pull tab on the tape that keeps the box closed is a brilliant but overlooked feature. Most might not think about how this saved them from having to cut the tape or kept them from the aggravation of ripping it open but to me, it’s the little things that really make a big impact on me. Enough with that, inside the box, you will find a few pamphlets and the speaker encased in a plastic bag. The cardboard that housed the bottom of the speaker should be pulled out and you will find wrapped inside of it the micro USB cable for charging your Soundcore Mini 2. My unboxing experience was a quick and painless process.


Like the unboxing, the speaker was quite simple to use. On the side of the speaker, you will find a power button volume up/down, a Bluetooth button, and a play/pause button. When you turn it on for the first time, it automatically goes into pairing mode. The speaker appeared as a device on my iPhone’s list almost instantly and I was able to start playing music. For its size, it really puts out a good, solid sound. The bottom of the speaker is rubberized and it really stays in place well. I noticed that it pushes out pretty strong bass and that the music I was playing did not sound hollow at all.


For the size, it’s a clean little speaker. It has a wonderful sound while not being hard to use or carry. When I first saw it I wasn’t sure what would make me keep this speaker over slightly bigger speakers I’ve reviewed. It turns out the sound matches the bigger speakers while staying compact. This compared with the price make the Soundcore Mini 2 a winner. I would suggest if you plan on spending time outside or just in locations without access to full-on desktop speakers this is a wonderful option for anyone.


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Originally published at on April 5, 2018.



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