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LectroFan micro 2


Sleep soundly with the help of this portable noise machine

I have been a fan of noise machines as long as I can remember. The ones I like the most are ones that also have some sort of color array that can gently change and can be used as a nightlight of sorts. However, traveling with a super small, pocket-sized noise machine is ideal to ensure you have a good night sleep when you are away from home. A few years ago Robyn had an opportunity to review the first generation of the LectroFan Micro. We had made a trip to Nashville and found that the online complaints about the construction next to the hotel we were staying at were not over-exaggerated. In fact, the hotel had what I think was something from LectoFan on the nightstand. Thankfully, the sound machines did offset the construction noise and sleep was achieved. Ever since then, we’ve always had some sort of room noise present — either from a sound machine like the LectroFan Micro or a fan that cools the entire bed. Since we’ve had good luck with these sound machines in the past, I was delighted to be able to test out the LectroFan Micro2 over the past couple of weeks.


The LectroFan Micro2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a sound machine built-in. It has 11 recorded, looping sounds that are designed to help you get better sleep. The Bluetooth speaker pairs to your phone in the same manner that other speakers do and with it you can stream audio or make phone calls (it also has a built-in microphone). When in Sleep Sound mode, you can enjoy your choice of five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink and brown noise, and two ocean surfs sounds. The speaker is powered by an internal built-in battery that lasts up to 40 hours for playing sleep sounds or 20 hours Bluetooth audio between charges. It charges with Micro USB and a charging cable is included.


  • Power: internal rechargable battery
  • Package Contents: LectroFan Micro2, Quick Start Guide, USB charge cable
  • Product Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ (51mm x 51mm)
  • Color: Metallic Red, Soft Touch Black, Soft Touch White


The unboxing was simple. There was no hassle trying to get it out of the box so elderly people should be able to remove it without any problems. The fan comes in a nicely branded box that has a photo of the model you are buying. The box has information on it about the types of sounds the fan has. Four White Noise, Five Fan Sounds, and Two Ocean Surf Sounds. It comes with a Micro USB cable and a small pamphlet that has the full instructions to the device.

As I mentioned above, we’ve been able to test this over the past couple of weeks. It’s very easy to use. You simply switch the fan to sleep mode and then select the sound you prefer for sleeping. The controls on the side of the machine are pretty standard and if you’ve ever used a digital music player you will recognize the symbols. You can advance through the different sounds by using the back/forward buttons and increase or decrease the volume to suit your tastes. I’m hard of hearing and am nearly deaf to all high-end sounds, but fortunately, the pitch of several of the fan noises was enough for me to hear. Robyn preferred to use the ocean surf sounds and it really helped her relax into a restful sleep. We have a Sleep Number bed so it tracks our nightly sleep in terms of being good or bad. Her SleepIQ Score improved by about 10 points (on average) for the nights she used the LectroFan Micro. She found that she was less restless the nights she used the sound machine. So, it helped her fall asleep faster and stay asleep better.

My one and only complaint is that the LectroFan Micro2 uses Micro USB to charge. I could understand using that if this was the first generation of this device but being the second generation I find it hard to excuse. USB-C is being used for everything and when it comes to a travel device, making that travel easier on the individuals who are purchasing it by using USB-C makes sense to me. I am someone who dislikes having to carry too many types of cables around with me. I am already dragging tons of camera gear with me when I travel so being able to use the same cable for multiple devices is a no brainer for me.


You can’t beat the size and weight of this tiny noise machine for traveling. It’s small enough to fit anywhere in your luggage of even in my cargo shorts. I will be taking it with me on my vacation to Florida in October and my experiences with Sound of Sleep on other products they make have been excellent. Besides the gripe on the use of Micro USB, I am very happy with the results the LectroFan Micro2 has been giving us.

For more details, visit Sound of Sleep, Facebook, and Twitter.

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