Sound Oasis BST-400 Stereo Bluetooth Sound Therapy REVIEW Sleep Better with Sound

5 min readAug 22, 2017

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For most of my adult life, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep without being restless through the night. Maybe I have too much on my mind or maybe there is just too much going on in my house but one thing is for sure — sleep is hard to achieve. In recent years, I’ve tried a variety of remedies including pillows that are filled with buckwheat hulls, sound machines that double as a nightlight, and even pillows that masquerade as a sound machine, but one constant remained — falling asleep is hard work. Now, I need to stop here and make a point. I am hard of hearing and my fiancé is not. She might sleep really well with a gentle melody rolling out of the DreamScience Brainwave sound machine we have, but if we turn it up loud enough for me to hear it, it keeps her awake. We have a delicate balance to find and we haven’t found it yet with any of the sound machines I’ve come into contact with. I was very close to giving up the search for a good, balanced sound machine when the BST-400 Stereo Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System from Sound Oasis fell into my lap. At that point, I thought, “Why not?”

Sound Oasis is a company that I was not familiar with before this product. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that their main goal was to help people sleep through innovative sleep therapy, or white noise, machines.

We are passionate about helping you sleep, relax, manage tinnitus or just enjoy more privacy. Our superior nature sounds are authentic, recorded in the wild sounds. We work extremely hard to provide you the best results possible, so we also offer a multitude of sounds that were composed by world-leading sleep therapy experts and musicians. We combine these superb sounds with our patented technology (such as our exclusive sound card and Sleep Enhancement® technology) to deliver a superior sound experience solution for you.

The BST-400 is not only a sound machine but also a powerful Bluetooth speaker compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (30-foot range). The device has 2 x 10-watt speakers/sub woofer inside with greater than 80 dB volume. Because it’s a Bluetooth speaker as well as a sound machine, you have the option to use it as a hands-free speakerphone, too. The BTS-400 has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery (4000 mAh). It has some pretty simple operation functions including a power button (used to power the device on and off), USB port (for charging the device and connecting to it as a PC speaker), and an Aux input (used for wired connections to the speaker).

When it comes to sound machines, I’ve not experienced one that actually makes me feel like I’m there — in the middle of nature. The BST-400 Sound Therapy System has some truly amazing authentic sounds to soothe you to sleep. It includes ten beautifully rich sounds that grasp you and help your mind relax.Those sounds include:

  • Brown Noise
  • Gentle Surf
  • Heartbeat
  • Ocean Surf
  • Steady Rain
  • Stream
  • Summer Night
  • Thunder and Rain
  • White Noise
  • Woodland

In addition to the preprogrammed sounds, you have the option to connect to the sound machine as a Bluetooth speaker and play your own music or sound mixes. You can also order a custom sound card from Sound Oasis which let you create your own sound environment. You have a lot of options for relaxation through sound with the BST-400.

When I first saw the BST-400 I didn’t have high hopes for it as it looks like so many portable Bluetooth speakers I’ve seen. The design is clean but boring. It’s dark gray and the buttons are easy to operate and located on the top of the device. It wasn’t until I took the speaker out of the box that I started to get a bit more excited about it. The speaker is heavy (about 1.5 pounds) and in my teenage years, heavy speakers meant big magnets. Because I wasn’t interested in destroying it by taking it apart to see if I was right, I did the next best thing and turned it on. I thought to myself, “Let’s see what sort of sound quality this little thing can push out.” To my surprise, the BTS-400 pushes out some very clean, crisp, rich sound. The high-quality sounds that are included are also a big help. While sitting in front of the Sound Oasis BST-400 I was able to hear what other sound machines distorted or muted out. This was a big deal to me because most of the time, tiny details that sound machines push out are lost on me since I can’t interpret them clearly.

After the initial testing, I decided it was time to head to bed and see how well I would sleep with it playing in the background. The Sound Oasis BST-400 has a volume button but the level of the volume was already set to a nice place for me. It was loud enough to drown out other sounds within the house while still releasing vibrating audio into my ears. My fiancé actually went to bed before I did and she turned the volume down a bit. She had selected the Gentle Surf track, which was nice and gentle as the tides rolled in and out. Her volume was a little too low for me so I turned it back up a bit and she told me it was still an ok volume for her, too. Then we settled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, she told me that she was able to fall asleep and stay asleep quite well. To her, the sound machine was still a bit loud, but only because she was awake. It wasn’t so loud that it woke her up from sleeping. As for me, I found that the gentle sounds from the BTS-400 allowed me to fall asleep quickly and I was able to stay asleep, too. I’m a huge fan of the Sound Oasis BST-400 Stereo Bluetooth Sound Therapy machine because of its versatility and rich, authentic sounds. It’s a worthy investment since you get both the sound therapy and the Bluetooth speaker in one device.

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