Solo Everyday Max Backpack REVIEW

No matter how many times I think I’ve found the ‘ideal’ backpack for my hectic lifestyle, I find another one that seems to top the last. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know Solo NY and their products over the past year or so and I really can’t find any fault with their bags. They have a way of designing bags that simply fit extraordinary circumstances. I typically look for a backpack that will encompass all of my needs and sometimes that isn’t very feasible. Therefore, I narrow down my search to those that include a place for my laptop and other technical gear. I like to stay organized. And with that in mind, I usually find bags that have lots of pockets in the main compartment. The Everyday Max Backpack is normally a bag I would pass by, but since I was given the chance to review it, I had to give it a second glance. I’m so glad I did.


The Everyday Max Backpack is part of Solo NY’s Velocity Collection and has the branding tagline of “Work. Play. Repeat.” That gives you the impression that the designers intended for you to use this bag for all occasions and that they constructed it to be tougher than most business bags might be. “Streamline your routine with a collection that’s always up for adventure.” This bag was created for an on-the-go lifestyle like mine and it easily transitions from work to play.

User Experience

As I mentioned above, I typically like to keep my tech gear organized in individual pockets. That really isn’t possible with the Everyday Max Backpack since its main compartment is a big, cavernous opening that is reminiscent of a duffle bag. I actually like to think of this bag as a part backpack and part duffle. Once I had it packed up, I had the following items tucked away:


The Everyday Max Backpack is very comfortable to carry around even when it’s loaded down with computers, tablets, and accessories. I’ve enjoyed my time with it immensely and look forward to using it for a long time to come. It’s unlike any other backpack I’ve used to date and it’s got some great on-the-go features. I can recommend this to any type of user.


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