SnipNotes Note-Taking App System 2024 REVIEW — MacSources

5 min readFeb 21, 2024

Organize your thoughts effortlessly with SnipNotes, the innovative note-taking app designed for busy people on the go.

In a world where information is constantly bombarding our senses from all directions, the need for efficient note-taking has never been more crucial. Imagine being in a meeting, trying to capture every important point while also juggling multiple thoughts racing through your mind. Or perhaps you’re a student who wants to organize lecture notes, research findings, and personal reflections in one seamless platform.

This is where SnipNotes comes into play. I have been using it for quite a while and find it to be a breath of fresh air in the realm of diverse note-taking apps out there. Not only does it provide a great place for me to create notes and set reminders, but it also serves as an advanced clipboard manager.


SnipNotes is a note-taking app designed for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS-powered devices. The app is known for its user-friendly interface, versatile note-capturing capabilities, and seamless synchronization across the Apple device platforms. Users can capture various types of content, including text, images, and links, and organize their notes using a tagging system. The app also offers features such as reminders, to-do lists, and integration with other applications.

The app was created in 2015 by developer Felix Lisczyk. Lisczyk started SnipNotes because he was a fan of clipboard managers and note-taking apps, but thought the existing solutions were lacking features he wanted to see.

Clipboard managers are built as a cache for transferring data between apps and only have basic capabilities for organizing information. Note-taking apps, on the other hand, are focused on capturing thoughts and ideas and don’t provide ways for quickly getting data in and out of the app (e.g. automatically saving the clipboard or adding notes directly from the widget). The idea behind SnipNotes is to combine these concepts: Create a note-taking app that can also serve as a clipboard manager and provide more flexibility than existing, individual solutions.




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